Do Something Risky!

Do Something Risky!

Today the watchword is “safety”. People sign their emails “Stay Safe”. And they mean it. Some people are terrified of a virus that has a 98% survival rate. These same people are willing to give up their personal freedom to stay safe. Covid-19 has made people crazy.

The problem is they are willing to give up YOUR freedom as well as their own. It is very important to them that you stay safe. Because if you don’t you might infect them or someone they love. The whole conundrum is destructive and divisive and there is no “pat” answer. When did we all become such cowards? It is mind-boggling to think of the dangers facing people 100 years ago. And yet they got things done and led their lives and seemed to be relatively free of strictures. Most of them lived to see old age.

Women had their babies at home. And both mother and baby were usually fine. There were no anti-biotics. Tetanus shots were not given until the 30s and were not widely used until the Second World War. Knives were sharp, and every boy had a “pen knife.” Guns were a part of life, and guns were easily accessible. There was no background check and the guns did not have “safeties”. Drugs were easy to get, including opium and cocaine.

Children played all day outdoors on weekends and came back when the streetlights came on. There were no cell phones. Most of them survived with minimal damage and their teeth intact.

Today, children are obese and lazy. They eat the most appalling diets consisting of fats and sugars and dyed food. Their meat is from factory raised chicken or beef and it is full of hormones and anti-biotics. This is having a huge impact on their health. Of course there is a case to be made for skipping vaccines because it is believed they actually impact the immune system negatively. But the jury is still out and that is a very controversial subject.

The fear permeating our country has had a huge impact. The laws and customs are changed today and they are almost unrecognizable. Shaming others for not abiding by the command to wear a mask has become the norm. Yet masks are only marginally helpful in avoiding the germs that may cause the China Virus. And calling it the China virus upsets many people who want to downplay that part for reasons of their own.

China originated the virus. They kept it secret, even silencing and perhaps killing doctors who tried to warn the world. They were still lying about it in January. So yes, I will call it the China Virus because it is.

And I do not wear a mask unless actually forced to do so. I am NOT a cruel person. But I think for myself. The research that I have done points to the fact that masks really do very little to keep anyone safe but they do a lot of harm to certain people. And when I see a child wearing a mask my heart breaks. Why are people doing this? Why are they so afraid of this particular virus? They do not wear masks in fear of the flu but it kills thousands every year. Please do your own research.

People tell me they have talked to doctors but most of them actually have NOT talked to real infectious disease doctors. They are listening to Dr Fauci. And they THINK they have talked to doctors. Or some of them have talked to doctors but never questioned the wearing of masks. Masks have become a symbol of compliance.


Someone just told me a story about going to the store with her children to stock up before a trip. She had developed a serious infection from wearing a mask and her doctor told her not to. But people began yelling at her. The checkout people said they would not check her out. It was practically a brawl. Why? If masks work why would they insist she wear hers. They have their own. Stay clear of her if they want to, but do not swear and harrass her. It was quite an incident. And it seems like everyone in the store ganged up on her. Other customers and the check out people all treated her like the “enemy”. Only the owner/manager allowed her to check out. This is not funny. This a frightening story. Who will stand up against this?

How can we allay the fear? Who will people believe? They only want to listen to people with whom they agree politically. If I show you examples of 6 different doctors saying masks are ineffective, and those doctors are all infectious disease doctors you will only believe them if you are on my side for who would make the best president.

Prove me wrong.

Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

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