Do You Belong to a Hate Group?

Do You Belong to a Hate Group?

Do you belong to a hate group? Is it a political party, or a group of people whose sexual identity is off-center? Perhaps it is an ethnic group? Race is the sure way to peg someone “different”. What about a religious group, or perhaps it is a group of skeptics who revile other groups who believe differently?

Do you know what your group believes about “others”? Or do you just assume that they are open-minded and balanced? Sometimes people find themselves shocked, stunned even, by the violent hate-filled response of their own group to ideas or actions that differ.

I just do not understand the human race, especially Americans who are Democrats and supposedly Liberal. They HATE RFK Jr. They hate Trump. They hate “God” or Religion. They dislike borders and think it is fine to open them to anyone who wishes to enter our country. Much to the chagrin of gay people, these new liberals love all sorts of genders, I believe there are many categories of them. Now we are being asked to accept love between older (or adult) men and underage boys. We are supposed to accept certain transgender people who are truly twisted. Drag Queens are the new role models for elementary school children. After decades of fighting for separate but equal sports for women, men are “identifying” as women and winning trophies, and setting records that are simply not fair. Finally, in making everything equal, we have given up the idea of healthy beauty equalling a normal weight. We are supposed to respect people no matter what their weight. Fat-shaming is WRONG. (Speaking as a fat person, I find this ridiculous and very harmful.)

What ever happened to people having big dreams? When did aspirations for good things in their lives become something to disparage? What happened to ambition and drive? And in order to be successful it (used to be) necessary to dress properly, have manners, and be a generally normal weight.

Poor people are encouraged to join a war on rich people. Democrats are at war with Republicans and RINO Republicans are at war with MAGA Republicans. Children are angry with their parents, and teachers are angry with those same parents. Vaccinated people hate the Unvaccinated and legal immigrants resent those who just crossed the border illegally. Vegetarians dislike meat eaters and those who drive electric cars look down on those who drive cars with combustion engines.

But now honor and manners and work ethic and dressing appropriately are all considered old fashioned at best and racist at worst. Being the gender you were born with is now considered something that diminishes men and women. It renders them voiceless; unable to speak about gender issues. In fact, it seems that Liberals hate us for being “straight”.

It is universal knowledge that it is wrong to convince little children to change their gender. Don’t these people understand that childhood is a time for experimenting and changing minds one way and then another? You cannot be sure what they will actually believe NEXT WEEK, much less years later. To cut off body parts and fill their systems with hormones and puberty blockers is horrific. Men and women are taught to fear each other and their sexual aggression. Women suspect men of taking advantage when they brush past a woman. Men are terrified of being accused of sexually accosting women. The slightest touch or a look that is suggestive in any way can cause havoc. How do these people ever get together to know each other better? How do they dare begin a romance?

The news, by that I mean the Mainstream Media, has foisted the pandemic measures on the people. They have ridiculed any viewpoint but their own. They called it Fake news, but they actually stole that term from President Trump who called THEM “Fake News”. Facebook and Instagram and Twitter all got into the fray by taking down posts they deemed incompatible with their community standards. Certain subjects were hotter than others. We were not allowed to question vaccines, vaccine passports, lockdowns, and masks. No matter the harm done we were told not to mention it. And if we did, we were canceled. It was that simple.

The first amendment is ignored. People seem to think it simply means we are free to speak about things everyone agrees with. But no, that is NOT the meaning. Free speech means all of us are allowed, guaranteed the right, to speak whatever we wish. It may be abhorrent or not, to those who hear us, or read what we say. But it is OUR RIGHT to say it. And in the case of these subjects that have been canceled, I argue that it is vital that people know there is another opinion.

People who worked in hospitals and saw firsthand what a travesty covid treatment was could not speak out. Nurses who did were moved somewhere else or even fired. Doctors were threatened with the loss of their licenses. Those whose livelihoods were lost due to lockdowns were skimmed over and ignored. Children who were locked into tiny apartments with abusive parents or siblings have been traumatized for life. For many children, the break in their education will remain an event for which they will never be compensated. The damage done to an entire generation will only be measured as the years pass. We will suffer repercussions for years to come.

Sadly there are many people who see the pitfalls and the danger of “cancel culture,” but they are scared. They are more than scared, they are terrified. They cannot speak out loud about the forbidden subjects. They dare not question “the narrative” and they try to fit in and appear good little soldiers. But it is fake. It is not honest. And it will slowly destroy their souls. I read somewhere that the “triggered are trigger happy” when it comes to cancel culture. Beware the easily offended for they will surely offend you in a much more serious way. They gloat over those who are canceled and silenced. One wonders if they would feel pleased if we were sent to prison or shot?

What will it take to wake these people from their trance? They feel virtuous and yet they are aiding and abetting evil.

Pray for them.

Unless a few brave and courageous people are willing to stand up and say “I don’t agree!”, history suggests we will end up somewhere we deeply regret.

Pray for us.

Copyright©. 2023 Bonnie B. Matheson

3 thoughts on “Do You Belong to a Hate Group?

  1. Thank you for speaking up! I agree with everything you have stated. It is a sad state of affairs for the entire world.

  2. Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your clear, wise observations of this Marxist takeover of the USA.

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