The number of people who are killed each year due to FDA approved drugs is in debate. ?Some say 100,000. Some say many more than that. ?These are not mistakes, wrong medicine or overdoses. ?These are simply bad reactions to drugs prescribed by physicians.

People are speaking out about this yet nothing is done. ?Gwen Olsen wrote a book called Confessions of ?Drug Pusher? which documents this terrible problem. Yet people are still taking drugs because their doctor tells them to.
Why don’t people research these drugs? I don’t understand it. ?The information is out there. ?And alternative ways of making your body respond are also available. If you are willing to change your life and do what is necessary to keep your blood pressure down or your irritable bowel syndrome under control you can avoid drugs completely. ?Yet I hear people talking about the benefits of “meds” and how they are changing lives for the better. ?I am not convinced that these drugs are really helping. ?They may help somewhat but if their side effects include death, don’t you think that might be a bit risky?
I would really enjoy hearing your comments on this.

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