Misleading headlines

Misleading headlines

The Daily Progress, the newspaper for Charlottesville VA, ?shows a front page headline that reads “Flu covers all of Va.” ?Something about that seemed strange to me, because I have heard no one complaining about the flu. ?On reading the article it became clear that there is not much flu in Virginia, but they wanted to be sure people realized that they could still have a flu shot. According to health officials “flu-like illness is at low levels across the state.” ?Low levels across the state, is a far cry from the alarming headline. ?Yet this occurs all the time. ?No one complains. Why?

If it is true that there is not much flu, then why would they lead with the headline which makes it seem to be a problem all over the state? “Flu covers all of Va.” is an out and out lie. ?Why do people never seem to object to this sort of propaganda? ?We are buffeted about by words which are often stylistically designed to mislead us into the thinking a certain way. ?Perhaps it is an advertizer trying to win our business. ?Perhaps it is someone running for office trying to seem like the one “savior” we need. This is true of ALL political parties.

But the most frightening thing of all is when the agenda is more subtle and more universal.
Are we being programmed to think in a way that makes us better able to be controlled by a New World Order? ?I do not know the answer. ?But if you have thoughts you would like to share on this subject, please comment here.

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