Someone asked me recently when they saw me with a new haircut, if I was “accepting” old age.? That seemed a strange comment at the time.? I knew I looked vibrant and alive and happy.? The shorter hair cut was extremely flattering and chic. So I was puzzled but wanted to answer kindly.? I said ” That doesn’t sound quite right.” and I paused and thought about it for a minute. Suddenly the correct word just popped into my head and I said happily, “No, I am not “accepting old age”, I am embracing it!”

That felt good.? And moreover it is the truth. I have never felt better in my life.? This time which is indeed long past the time I would have once termed “old age” is revealing itself to be simply splendid.? Never have I felt so together and unfettered at the same time.? My time is my own.? My energy is up, not down, because I am able to sleep enough and eat completely healthy food all the time.? (There are no unhealthy snacks in my house today).

Not only that but due to lack of family stress and confusion I am calmer, clearer and have more peaceful moments than I have ever had before.? People enjoy talking to me.? Especially younger people who are fascinated with my transition from girl to older woman while still pursuing many interests of those much younger than myself.

Every woman who finds herself on the north side of 65 should realize how lucky she is, and enjoy this part of the journey of life.? In so many ways it is the very best part so far!? Will you join me in embracing the older “you” and reveling in the multitude of reasons to rejoice?? Sparkle on!!!

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