If you are not that is an indication that you may be looking backward at your life rather than forward. It is typical to start lamenting the passing years, and remembering fondly things we used to do that are no longer available or possible.? But I tell myself “Stop it!” when I catch myself doing this.? All my “fun” lives in the right now.? And there is more to come in the future. Keep your eye on the ball and that means just as in tennis, every single moment.? Watch the ball.? Live in the moment.? It is the secret of happiness.? How many thousand years do humans have to hear this before we believe in it in some deep space within ourselves?

Today in Charlottesville where I live,? the sky looks like a Baroque ceiling in some Italian palace.? The air is warm but with a hint of “air conditioning” coming from deep in the cooler ground perhaps. The trees have not really “turned” yet but you can certainly see them changing and of course the walnut trees are almost bare.? I absolutely love this time of year. It is not the end of the year, but time for new courses and new books and beginnings of all sorts for school children of all ages.? It is energizing in it’s changes and it’s beauty.? This is a wonderful time to start new projects and realize dreams.

I wish everyone an extraordinary few months. Don’t let this year end without beginning the things you may have put off because they seemed selfish.? Follow your dreams and begin your next journey.? Good luck and Godspeed.

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