Hurray! It is May!

Hurray! It is May!

I love this time of year. It is so changeable and exciting. One minute we are freezing and the next we are too hot. But that keeps us on our toes. If things were always even or steady we would become complacent and lazy. At least my type of person would.

There are those who learned years ago to plan their time and organize their lives. Those people do not seem to suffer from the same problems that creep around after me. Those people have a plan. While I am so flexible that sometimes I have no plan at all.

This is going to change. I am changing my idea of who I am. Organization is going to become my watchword. My mind is changing as these words appear on my screen. Someone told me recently that being organized is not a “genetic” trait. It is a learned skill. So this month I have set upon a journey of discovery. Columbus may have discovered America (or not) but I am going to discover my own inner “organizer”. I believe that somewhere beneath my creative, disorganized exterior there is an organized person trying desperately to find a way out.

First off is to create an outline of my future plans for Childbirth Solutions LLC. I have been passionate about childbirth for all of my adult life. I have a company that allows women to find information about birth on it’s But it should do more than that. There needs to be multimedia and multifaceted information, products and a reliable list of providers of care. So for the rest of this month that will be my focus.

The wonderful thing about this is that it is possible to do most of this from my own house thanks to modern technology. This gives me the pleasure of spending time with my dogs, gazing out the window at my boxwood bushes, and green grass (trying not to see weeds or other misdeeds in my garden) so that I stay focused on work. What a busy month of May I plan to have! I will check back with you next month to see what I have accomplished.

By publicly stating my plan to improve my mode of working I set the bar higher. I hope to insure that I will not backslide into some of my lessor known habits such as Facebook and Pinterest. What wonderful (but informative) time-wasters those are. Are you guilty of wasting your time there as well? Join me in making this the month that you start focusing on all those things you may have put off. We can do this together. Let me know if you are successful. And if you have any tips for doing things faster or better, be sure to share those too.

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