June is Busting Out All Over

June is Busting Out All Over

In June there is hope and joy and abundance all around us. The green grass, leafed out trees, flowers blooming and the birds and bees flying and buzzing around with renewed energy. Yet the country is caught in the grip of a stagnant growth cycle and not much is moving.

In spite of all the beauty surrounding us, the people in this country (USA) are fearful for the future and uncertain about what will happen next. Are we going the way of Greece? Italy? Or are we going to pick ourselves up off of the mat and earn more, do more, have hopes for the next few years and stop all the belly-aching? Let’s hope we have what it takes to bring ourselves out of the doldrums and make changes happen.

As a life long Republican, I have watched changes happen in my party that have drawn me away from it and sent me over to the Libertarian side. Less taxes, less laws and more personal responsibility are all things that make me feel good about this country. Can we achieve these? It is up to each of us to stop complaining and become involved in the things we have the power to change. Some of these are simple and some are very complicated.

Social issues that divide people do not belong in political platforms. If only people would focus on the issues that are truly political and economic the other things can be worked on state by state. I don’t care for centralized government. Do you?

Do you need more money, then try to think of ways to make some. Think outside of the box. Become entrepreneurial. Take chances and be bold. There is a wonderful quote by Basil King, which says, “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

Believe it.

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