It is Blackmail

It is Blackmail

There is a message that should go to all clubs, organizations, schools, outdoor venues and of course, churches.

You are being blackmailed!

Somewhere over the rainbow…

One can’t help but notice how all clubs, organizations, venues et c. as well as practically everyone else, have just capitulated and given in to Big Brother over masks and social distancing.  It horrifies those of us who understand what is happening.

In a hundred different ways, we have all given up our freedom to the “powers that be” whomever they are. We have been terrorized and lied to by the people upon whom we are supposed to depend. Dr. Fauci for instance, has a checkered past. Why don’t you do a little research on him? Dr. Birx has family connected in every way to the Democratic party. These people are not neutral. Not even a little bit. What is their agenda?

Is it vaccinating the entire world? That would be profitable. There is the rumor that with those vaccinations the populace could be inoculated with devices or some form of injected cells that could not be removed as easily as a “chip”. Marked in this way we could all be followed and tracked “for our own good” and have no escape. All we would have to do is break some rule, use some phrase, perhaps visit other suspected people to trigger a midnight invasion by police or some other form of a compliance officer. Part of the problem is that the people are terrified. They are terrified of the China Virus. The press has had a field day with the drama and death. They have kept a steady count of dead and infected people from the beginning. They do not do this for flu victims or cancer victims who die in greater numbers by far. All they speak about is danger and fear and death and devastating illness. Not only that, their only solution is a vaccine. NO one speaks of a cure or a treatment. NO one speaks about preventing a person from contracting the virus in the first place. Why not?

Full moon
Full moon

The press suppresses those doctors who are trying to alert the populace to the fact that there are treatments for the China Virus. Hydroxychloroquine works. IT WORKS. Don’t pay attention to that skewed study where they gave patients ten times the dose (or maybe it was four times the dose) but whatever, of course, that was dangerous. If you give someone four times the dose of aspirin, it can be dangerous. The Lancet study has been withdrawn.

This drug has been around for 65 years, with great results and few side effects. But as soon as the President mentioned that it might help, the Trump Haters went into full swing. It must be vilified because they cannot have the President whom they hate with an abiding passion, saying anything that might help thousands and thousands of people survive and thrive even with the China Virus.

SO why not do a little research? Vote out your awful Governors and your terrible mayors. Does anyone know about Bill de Blasio’s past? How can a person like that even be on a ballot, much less get elected? It is time for us to take our lives back and become responsible for our own safety and let everyone else make their own decisions.


We do NOT need the Government telling us what to do.  (They are lying anyway.)The worst thing is that they have people in their control because of things like liquor licenses and permits, and all sorts of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense. They can shut us down if we do not comply. People can report their neighbors for non-compliance. The threat of losing their business is enough to force tolerance of the ridiculous rules imposed by the fear-based or agenda-driven people at the top. Blackmail. Blackmail by the petty government officials who are only doing the bidding of the “deep state” who controls what they do (and think). The media are more than just complicit. They fan the flames hourly. They instill fear into the subconscious of many of these innocent people. Their constant instruction by the press paralyzes many people. It is mesmerizing and relentless. And it must stop. It is up to us to take back our freedom.
Go to The Rutherford Institute for more information about what is happening to us. and buy John Whiteheads book:


Have fun this summer, but remember if you are wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding your friends or family, you are acting out of fear, which is always a mistake. Throw off the idea that you need to be scared of a virus. Start being scared of your Government. The President is doing his best, but he is being hampered at every turn by people like Fauci, who commands the fawning respect of the press and lies like a rug on camera.

What are you going to do about it?

Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

2 thoughts on “It is Blackmail

  1. So true. Every word. Thank you for speaking out. Dark and scary times ahead unless we Just Say No NOW.

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