Manifesting Moon

Manifesting Moon

They say today is the best day for manifesting what you want. It has to do with the full moon in Mercury Retrograde. I don’t understand it. But I believe it is powerful.

the moon tonight

What I wish I could manifest is a new life for my mother who is 101 and appears to be heading out. There is nothing to do about this. I am helpless and so is everyone else. She is beautiful and comfortable and well-loved. She still kisses her dog Dandy if we hold him near her. But watching this slow march to oblivion (or Heaven ) is painful and fraught with perils. We don’t want to upset people unnecessarily. We Americans do not make much of death and dying.

Mothers’ Spanish cook, Maria says that in Spain they have a way of treating this time. They pull down the blinds close the shutters and everything is darkened. The family gathers for days or even weeks and they speak softly and pray often. The Rosary is said over and over. Priests are called in, and food is prepared. Somber does not even begin to describe what she tells me about impending death in Spain.

Here the windows are unobstructed by draperies, the sunlight streams into the rooms where Mother is spending time. There are flowers, especially her favorite “Star Gazer” Lillies fragrant and festive all over the rooms. Music from the 50s and 60s plays softly and people come and go. The dogs are on the bed or jumping up into the chairs or even on the table in the breakfast room. They want to be part of the family and they are hoping for dropped snacks. Sure enough, they are rewarded.

flowers and dogs and pretty things

The dogs want to be let out to chase squirrels and then let in again to lie on the sofa or nestle near Mother’s wheelchair

All of her children and grandchildren have been coming by. She is so loved by her family because of her sunny nature and generous spirit. She never has a harsh word to say. She is basically about the happiest person I know.
People say things like “Has she started to become demanding? Has she become mean? Does she say rude things to people?”

The answer to these questions is no. She has remained her own satisfied self. She loves to be dressed in pretty colors and wear jewelry on her fingers and her ears. She responds to color. Bright ones are her favorite.

Mother and Jack

This is nearing the end, and it is a tense time of questions and uncertainty. There is a lot of love in the air here, and more being beamed our way every day. How lucky my mother is that she has had such a large and loving family surrounding her.

Copyright?. 2019 Bonnie B. Matheson

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  1. Your mother was always kind and gracious to me and other members of your class at Holton. She is well loved after a long and vibrant life. Prayers for her and you and your lovely family.

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