Reinventing You!

Reinventing You!

It is simply never too late. Don’t let anyone, including that little voice in your head, tell you that you have missed your chance. What makes your heart beat faster? Seriously, think about this.

Your body may be less flexible, but your mind is wiser. Your hair may be grayer or thinner, but your inner drive is just waiting for you to give it access to the outside world. Your psyche is ripe for a new adventure. Remember Freud and his tripartite explanation: “the id, ego and superego, all developing at different stages in our lives.” Let yours rip!

Don’t quit before the miracle happens! That is super advice. There are so many examples of this in history and just anecdotally. But, especially about second chances and brave acts of faith when it comes to trying to achieve a desired end. You might be surprised. 


I never wrote a book until I was over 65 years old, but the fact is that writing has always been part of my life. It just did not occur to me that my general writing might interest anyone else. When looking through old files in the basement, there are always folders titled “BBM Writing.” Or they say “thoughts for a book,” or simple pages clipped together containing stories and ideas. When I read them, they are sometimes so much fun that I have to check to see that they really were written by me. I am careful to sign my writing, even when typed on the computer because it sometimes seems to me that it was too much like something written by a real author.  

Now I know that I am a real author. (sometimes we are all a little slow!)

One woman recently took up fox-hunting at the age of … Oh, let’s just say she will not see 70 again. She is obsessed with it and having the time of her life.

?Another friend recently wrote his first play. He had it read at an event that was well attended. They gave him a standing ovation. He is past his mid-80s.?

My mother married her childhood sweetheart at 81. It was the second time for both of them. They were deliriously happy together until the day her husband died. And my mother continues to be interested in men at the age of 101. Nothing can bring a smile to her face faster than the attentions of a new man.

Mother with a grandson

Do you wish you had a degree in something that has always interested you? Well, you can still enroll somewhere no matter your age. There are so many different colleges, universities, and online courses. Don’t put it off any longer. It does take guts, but you have guts, or you would not be reading blog posts on the Internet. Most people our age are still reading the newspaper or possibly watching TV. Good for you!  

Now, take the next step and write down what you need to do to make your extravagant dream come true. Do NOT be afraid to dream big. What harm can it do? And you may surprise yourself. Good luck!

Copyright?. 2019 Bonnie B. Matheson

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