What are Children Being Taught?

What are Children Being Taught?

It seems that the youth of today are being taught something completely different from what I learned when I went to elementary school. First of all, we learned that the USA is a wonderful country full of opportunity. That was just a given.
Land of Opportunity was a sort of subtext to the name of our country. It was the same as “the Land of the Free.” These tag lines went along with the words The United States of America. And for short, only “America.” We barely dare use the term America as a name for our country because the other countries that occupy these Americas are sensitive to the use of that term being not exclusively ours.

cold world

Now children appear to be taught that the United States of America is an aggressor. It has a dark and sinister past. They are taught that the country was built on the backs of slaves. Ignoring all the man-hours individual settlers put into taming the land. They not only survived, but they also prospered. They prospered due to their own efforts and indomitable spirit. And they did it in their own self-interest and that of their families.

Students are taught that we wrested the country away from the gentle native people who were here first. The actual savagery of many of these tribes is buried or ignored. This view makes young people feel ashamed and guilty. And it is being done by design. There are always different ways of viewing any subject. What is the purpose behind twisting our history in this way?

Who is it that wants to rewrite our history to make it so negative? Who would find that a good thing? Is there, in fact, a group of people somewhere whose aim is the destruction of this country and all it believes in? It would seem that that conspiracy theory is real.

Could it be?
I just read a marvelous article in Collective Evolution. Richard Enos wrote it
I quote from it here: “Mainstream culture has recently been moving towards a ‘victim’ mentality and away from self-responsibility, and this is all by design. When the population is not self-responsible, it is much easier for Big Daddy government and corporations to rule, and to propose limiting our freedoms in order to protect us from the ‘dangerous elements’ within the society. The problem is that our true salvation will only be possible when each of us moves towards self-responsibility and seeks personal sovereignty.”

4 generations 4 different views of history

I believe that the misinformation being fed to students today has the express purpose of making them feel ashamed of our country. The idea is to take away national pride. This system is forcing young people to view individual achievement as selfish and wrong. They are encouraged to look to “Big Government” to fix everything. These newly minted victims see everyone else as victims too.

American Exceptionalism is being deliberately disgraced. The very thing that helped win wars and conquer the West is shunned. The idea that has brought millions here to our shores to make a better life for themselves is now a shameful evil.

They want the world to be equal and fair. It is sweet, like little children in Kindergarten, wanting to even off the number of crackers given to each child with their milk. They believe that disparity in wealth is wrong. They seem unaware of the benefits of Capitalism. They do not see that the opportunities afforded by this country are astounding.

IS there any hope? These are the people who will one day be leaders. I pray for enlightenment for them before they do too much harm.

Copyright?. 2019 Bonnie B. Matheson

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