sacred or profane?

sacred or profane?

I recently read a wonderful aritlce describing how everything is sacred. There is no profane in nature. This struck such a chord in me that I wanted to share it immediately. As I write this rain is pooring. I hear the background noise and it is welcome. We have had such a drought lately. Nature always seems to tend to her own though. It seems people complain constantly about the weather. I have heard this over for more than half a century. One year they said “The water table is so low now that it will take seven years to build it back up”. That particular year we ended up having so much rain and so much snow on the ground that the water table in that area of Virginia came back to normal by the following spring.

So I take all this climate change with a grain of salt. Even the horrible oil spill will eventually be just a memory. Nature is much more powerful than we are. And I have found her to be much more “Knowing”. As I said she eventually takes care of her own.

Of course we should be vigilant. But we really ought not to panic. Relax. Do your best to help if it is within your power. If it is not then don’t focus on it. You will just send out bad vibrations into the Universe and confuse things. Before Television and Blackberries and instant messaging and photos by telephone people did not know so much about disasters that were far from them. Today we watch on nightly news as things unfold that are half a world away. Or even if it is in our hemisphere we still cannot go near and help pick oil from our current number one disaster unless we live on the Gulf Coast. (And even then apparently the Government won’t let you)

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction you will try to keep only good thoughts in mind. All this negatively only brings more negative results. Peace, everyone. Go about your business doing the best you can and stop worrying. It won’t help a bit to worry. Never has, never will.

Mother Nature is in total charge right now. Maybe we should trust Her. She knows everything is sacred. It is us that confuse things and meddle with nature.

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