ADHD should not be dreaded or feared

ADHD should not be dreaded or feared

This is a very poor reason for divorce:
“ADHD is a very challenging diagnosis,” says The Complete Divorce Handbook author Brette Semper, and raising a child with this disorder is expensive, stressful, and emotionally consuming. It’s definitely going to put a huge stress on a marriage.”

I just read the above statement and it really makes me sad for families who believe it. All this money spent and so much angst involved. Before this was determined to be a disease children with these symptoms had a tough time in childhood, but most of them survived and so did their parents.

I am not a doctor. So this is just my opinion, which has not stopped me in the past, from expressing it. ADHD simply implies lack of focus, sometimes extraordinary imagination, often a heightened I Q and a lot of energy. Which of these things is really so bad? Give these children a break. understand that they need to learn in different ways perhaps, but most of them eventually learn plenty. Plus they learn patience, ingenuity and creativity. Be proud if one or more of your children is diagnosed with the condition. But take it all with a grain of salt. Do not medicate these children, unless they are totally unmanageble, and likely to do themselves harm. Even then I would suggest that the parents get counseling and leave the children alone. Love your children, it does a world of good. Do NOT hover over them, and let them grow up making mistakes. That is how we learn.

Do you know how many children in this country are medicated? (Neither do I, but it is a LOT). The idea that we would medicate hundreds of thousands of children over time is preposterous. Remember that old saying “Let your food be your medicine” ? Well, if you take that seriously which everyone should, you can probably alleviate or eliminate the whole ADHD syndrome. Ban sugar, ban white flour, ban additives. Feed your child pure water, uncontaminated with flouride or other additives. Be sure all your food is organic and not GM food. Stay away from anything unhealthy such as prepared foods or Fast Food. Fresh fruit in season, is best. Honey and black strap molasses can serve to quench the “sweet-tooth”. After only a very short time you will discover that your child feels better and behaves better and learns better. Best of all it won’t be long before they NOTICE that they feel better. After then it becomes much easier to keep their bodies free from destructive substances because they want to be free of them.

Think! Please think about what you are doing to your children. If your child’s school suggests medication for your son or daughter, I would suggest another school. All through history children have been raised to adulthood and taught to read and write. How many of them do you suppose had ADHD? But many of those same children went on to excell.

Another thing to google when you are looking up the number of medicated children in the USA is how many CEOs are probably (or admit to being) ADHD.

Love your children. Listen to them. But please do NOT medicate them.

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