I stole the above quote from Equilibrium http://www.equilibrium-clinic.com/ because I believe it is so important. ?So many people are unwell for so many diverse reasons.

Do you know why you are sick, if you are suffering from some condition? ?Have you thought about what that means?

There is a fear in people’s minds that if someone suggests that they are ill by choice that it is “blaming” the victim. ?Do you feel that way? ?Or do you have some small doubt about what causes one person to fall ill when another does not? ?Could there be more to it than just disease. ?Have you looked at the world dis ease ? ?Does this give you any clues?

Each of us has to travel our own journey. ?No one can live another’s life for them. ?We bring things to this life from our genes. ?Some say these can go back 7 generations.

Could it be that you have some issues buried in your genes that are causing physical problems now in this life?

This is worth thinking about. ?Take a look at energy medicine such as accupuncture, or EFT. ?You may find some answers there that are not available at your local MD’s office.

Let me suggest a wonderful coach who does energy medicine. ?She is Francesca Grazier. You can reach her at : ?http://Opentogoodness.com I hope you will take a look at her site.

Sometimes it is possible to clear the problems that are causing your dis ease with energy medicine. ?This can happen fast and with no drugs at all. Everyone has buried issues. ?Some say that our sub-consious comprises more than 95% of our minds. ?Take a visit to yours through the amazing world of energy medicine.

Wishing you the very best of health.

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