Save Your Uterus

Save Your Uterus

I hope every woman will watch this wonderful video. It may save your uterus and or ovaries.? We need our organs.? Do not let a physician tell you that you do not need them.

I spent years and years looking for a doctor who would understand my desire to keep my body intact. My ovarian cyst started almost 15 years ago. At first it was small and the radiologist who gave me a sonogram to see how big it was said to me. ?This is a fluid filled sac. There is no reason you need to have this out.? You could keep it the rest of your life if it does not grow.?

But it did grow. Over the years it grew larger and larger. I had no unpleasant symptoms but I was aware of that lump in my stomach and as the years passed it became obvious.? Each doctor whom I saw recommended a total hysterectomy.? They did not seem to hear me when I said I wanted to keep my body intact.? They tried to scare me with tales of ovarian cancer.? I was tested many times but my blood always came back normal. In my heart I knew it was benign. I was not afraid of my cyst.

Actually I began to think of it as the place where I put unpleasant emotions. It was the thing that kept me from having other illnesses. It was my friend.? During some difficult times it grew more after my divorce.? It became certain that I would have to have it out when it began to press against my bowel.

So many doctors had told me; ?No woman over 60 needs her uterus.? It made me mad. It just did not seem right to remove organs that were healthy. I was willing to lose one ovary, but that was all I would agree to.

At the last possible moment I found a doctor who listened to me. He agreed to remove only the one ovary if things looked healthy inside my body. He said it was unconventional but he would do it.

When the cyst was removed last year, it weighed 19 pounds. But the doctor only took the one ovary and left me my other one along with my uterus and cervix.

Please fight for your rights. Fight to keep your body intact. Now you have the data to prove it.? Watch the video again.? It will change your life.

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