Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

Are you scared to death about your finances? Have you wondered if you can hang on until things get better? Rejoice! It is going to be OK.

Negative thinking can upset your chances of overcoming fear and financial woes. So much of success depends on your belief in a loving Universe.

One thing about the current economic state of the country during the last two years is that it seems to be almost Universal. In a way that is almost fun. No shame in being in the same boat with everyone else. And it is EVERYONE. Even the very richest 1% are feeling the squeeze because the people whom they deal with everyday are suffering. Their own portfolios may be shrunken. And the constant barrage of news stories keeps the situation forefront in their consciousness.

So what can be done? Lots. Start with gratitude for your life. Now, begin.

First of all it is important to know where you stand. DO you know exactly what you owe and to whom? Do you know exactly what you spend? Ok. So now it is time to find ways to curtail expenses and increase income. And fast.

A coach can help you do that. An accountant can give you figures. However they may be so depressing that you lose heart. This is where you may find value in outside coaching. There are purely financial coaches, but will they actually give you the heart to go forward? You can see that you may need a specialized coach. A life coach can help you because as I have outlined above the actual steps to beginning are not all that complicated.

What you need is not just the numbers, but the spirit to prevail. What you need is someone who will gently prod you along as you determine how serious the plight of your finances and the solutions that must be in place to fix them. Be grateful and full of love while you work to set things right. With encouragement and experience in human nature your coach can help you traverse the shoals and come out on the other side with great good humor and a positive attitude. You may not enjoy every step of the journey, but you will not be taking it alone. Having someone to talk to during this difficult time can be invaluable. Do you understand that that means? :incalculable monetary worth . Pretty impressive!

How can you afford NOT to hire a coach? Have you thought of that? This is the time for definitive action on your part. Part of that action may require hiring a person who can see you through. Find one who believes that you can overcome any difficulty with a change in your attitude as well as your behavior.

So to begin, answer some questions about your life and your values.

Do you feel that you have plenty of time to recover?

Do you feel that you have a good chance?

What is your belief about the goodness or evilness of the Universe?

Do you believe that people who succeed just had better luck?

Do you care more for things like houses or cars or possessions than about anything else.

Do you have a family?

Are there other people who depend on you?

Are you suffering from guilt for past decisions that turned out to be wrong?

Do you have a Spiritual life? Do you believe in retribution?

Do you think you deserve the bad things that happen to you?

These questions should give you a lot to think about. Take your time over them. But be ruthlessly honest with yourself. You do not have to tell the answers to anyone else. Just ponder them and see if you can recognize any patterns.

Then, at your earliest convenience begin by interviewing some possible coaches. Look for someone with a positive outlook and optimistic approach to life. When you find one who seems a good fit. Hire them immediately. You will be so glad you did.


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