What are you expecting from the Government bailout program?

Are you expecting money deposited in your bank by some mythical program?

There is only one person who can make your bank account grow fast and it is you.? You are so powerful, but when you start to believe the media about how tough times are you lose hope.? You let fear and negative thinking trip you up and keep you from moving forward into a wonderful world awaiting you.

You are the one who can do this for yourself. Step out into the light and go forward, fearlessly. Do not listen to others, especially the media who tell you that it is too scary or dangerous or unfriendly.

You are in control of your destiny. You are in control of your life. If you are currently out of work, this can be helpful, because that means you have time to re-define yourself and learn where the money is for you.

Is there some product or service that you can provide people? Do you have a skill that will help others achieve their goals?

These could include:

1. Financially

Are you good at paying bills, organizing desks, going over costs to trim expenses? People need you.

2 ?Health

Could you partner someone in a gym, get them going on hikes? Advertise free online. People will pay for this help.

3. ?Personal relationships

Can you coach or advise people who are having trouble in their relationships, one does not have to have a degree to do this. It may be that you are really good at it.

4. ?Sports

Do you have a favorite sport?? Are you a good player? Could you help a child or adult improve? You can ask money for this.

5. ?Pleasure

Some people need a companion, some need help with parties or weddings and will pay for this. There are even jobs such as tasting food in a restaurant. Would you enjoy that?

Sit down now and make a list of your talents and skills. Do not leave out the things that seem so easy for you that you think they don?t count. Often it is these very qualities that are the key to your future success.

Stop being afraid and begin being pro-active. You can do it!!!

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