Snow Daze!

Snow Daze!

The sun shone behind a wall of clouds so diaphanous that it seemed to be made of sheer Mother of Pearl. Silvery, shimmering as if it would burst forth any second now in glorious glaring sunlight. But that never happened. Instead, the sky became thicker and smoother and the scent of snow was in the air. It felt damp and cold and invigorating at the same time. Snow-covered the turquoise-painted outdoor furniture on the terrace, and it covered the terrace, too. The crunch of it under the feet of my dogs showed me how the sleet had hardened the original soft snow. The crusty surface held the weight of the dogs and they scrambled across the surface slipping a little on the slick icy top.
A snowstorm can change everything in a quick hurry! One minute life is progressing along normal lines and the next all is changed. On Sunday, though the snow was predicted it was not here when I woke up and let the dogs out. In fact, the sky was a beautiful sight and it almost looked like the sun might be about to appear. Wrong.

Since this was the morning after my birthday party and one of my daughters had stayed the night snow just wasn’t on my mind. We knew she had to leave before too long so she got on the road by about 10:00 am. We had had a nice visit and a recap of the evening before. She helped me replenish my wood supply and off she went back to her home about an hour and 45 minutes away. Having no pressing obligations I lay down on my sofa. Snuggled under the gorgeous weighted faux fur blanket that one of my daughters-in-law gave me for a birthday present, my body relaxed. The fire was burning brightly, and the warmth reached me across the intervening space to where my dogs and I were lying toasty and comfortable jumbled together like puppies. Nothing to do but enjoy it. Luxuriating in the peace, calm, and companionship the opportunity to think was delightful.

My thoughts roamed from gratitude for my family, excitement about some of my gifts(my daughters want to send me to a spa in Arizona for a few days), love for my furry animals, and enjoyment of my comfortable, pretty, well-lit, and cozy home. Then my thoughts began to range around about the state of the country and the world. Not quite so delicious to think about. When did people in this country (but also in other western countries) begin to feel such a heavy load of guilt? When did they decide (some of them) that they were responsible for the health and well-being of everyone else? Just to be clear, that is not how I feel.

On a slow snowy day, there is plenty of time to reflect. This is going on into the 3rd year. Two years of our lives have been consumed one way or the other. For some people (me, for instance), life has gone on as usual. Fear of the virus is not part of my life. I researched those scary numbers at the very beginning and understood I was not in any danger. But for others, everything has changed to a degree no one would have believed in early 2020. Masks on children? Really? Whose idea was that? I can show you study after study about how harmful that is, not only physically but mentally. Children need to see faces, see expressions and feel free. Constraining them in masks and scaring them about a fatal disease is abusive and wrong. And the consequences will be felt for years to come.

When my children were young they would have been sledding on a day like today. We had a great hill going down towards the pond. It was steep and smooth and easy to access from the house. There was a gentle incline to come back up with the sleds before heading down the steep side once again. Friends would have come by to join in the fun. Perhaps we would light a bonfire near the pond for them to warm themselves from the chill. But we would only be outside because that is where the snow was. Soon enough they would all come inside for cocoa and cookies. Shedding layers of wet clothes and chattering about near misses and successful runs they were hungry. I always had food of some kind. Maybe a meal of chili and rice topped with melted cheese and served in thick grey ceramic bowls trimmed with a blue stripe. No one worried about whether any of them had a cold or the beginning of a winter flu. No one demanded testing to see who might be dangerous. Instead, they made memories of snowy winter days that would remain with them for their lifetimes.

In today’s world, unfortunately, the government has decided for me what I am allowed to do. The mask mandates (unlawful and un-constitutional) the forced “vaccine” for people who will lose their jobs as a result of refusing are frightening. This is blackmail. This is not “government keeping us safe”.

Masks do NOT work well for protection from the virus. (Either in or out, the particles are too small for a mask to stop them). The vaccines do NOT keep people from catching the virus and they do not keep people from passing it on. So what is it for? Why would you take someone’s job away from them because they do not want this ineffective shot?

If it will make you feel safer, and it helps you relax to have it, then by all means take the shot. But it bothers me that they are mandating it for children 5 and up. Mandates are wrong. Unconscionable risk and little benefit. Who decided this? Did whoever it was have a financial interest in the drug companies? Did anyone ask this question before swallowing the whole myth as gospel truth?

Sitting by my fire warm and unafraid, it is very difficult for me to empathize with the people who are so terrified of each other that they shun anyone who will not show a vaccine passport. Why? It does not mean that that person cannot share the virus or get the virus so why all the fuss about who has it? Who is feeding them such strong propaganda that they have forgotten common sense?
People are worried they might sit next to someone who is infected, on a plane or a bus, or even stand next to them on the street. When did we all become so afraid? Common sense is indeed in short supply. There have always been viruses. People could always pass them on. There is no such thing as safety from illness. There never has been. So why now, all of a sudden, do people think they can achieve this? It is impossible.

My fervent hope is that people will get themselves in hand and take an honest look at what has happened. They have been duped. They have been terrorized with lies invented to frighten them. Please stand up and take back control of your own lives. Stop allowing others to shame you into acting in a way that is actually counter to your good health. Staying away from people is unhealthy. Sanitizing everything is bad for your body and its immune system. Masks literally make people sick. Ask any nose and throat doctor about this. Listen to the doctors who have been trying to warn you for two years. Free yourself. No one can do it for you.

Life is full of so much to be grateful for, and some people are missing it due to fear of infection. Stop. Don’t waste another minute. You know all those things you want to do someday? You better do them! Do you have someone you have been meaning to contact? Make the call. Write the email, send a note by snail mail. And hug your friends, your children, your parents, and your pets. You will be glad you did.

Best wishes for a wonderful year.

Copyright©. 2022 Bonnie B. Matheson

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