Are You a Conspiracy Theorist?

Are You a Conspiracy Theorist?

A ‘ conspiracy theorist ‘ is someone who engages in Critical Thinking. Isn’t that a good thing?

When we are young the world is bright with promise and seems to extend out indefinitely. Even if our circumstances are dire, there is hope peaking over the horizon, seen from a distance maybe, but still possible. At the end of life, our gaze turns back to see how far from the starting point we have come. There is less time to begin new projects, take up new careers, or other interests. We are not likely to learn to ski if we have not already done so. This part (the last 5th) of life is more suited to tying up the loose ends and making amends or adjustments to our lives, our families, or our livelihood.

When we have lived a life full of introspection and personal growth looking back over lessons learned is fun, enlightening. And that is the point, isn’t it? Enlightenment. It is surely a worthy goal to be able to look out upon the vast desert of crowd-think and draw ones’ own conclusions.

It appears that new Ideas take hold of each generation, separating it from those that went before. Many of these have unfolded during my life. My birth occurred at the very beginning of World War II. My earliest memories are of black-out curtains on the windows and talk of war. My mother was a “Gray Lady” and worked for the Red Cross entertaining wounded soldiers. My Uncle was in the Navy, at sea far far away fighting the Japanese. But it did not touch me deeply. My Daddy was still at home working for the government. There was an awareness of danger, a dark cloud hovering overhead. This which was constantly countered by stories of American greatness, superior firepower, and the rightness of our cause. These hopes were reinforced daily in conversation. Propaganda, yes, but positive propaganda in time of war.

The first “cause” that really made an impression on me was “Integration”. Over the sometimes violent objections of some of the old Guard, the idea of equality extended to everyone in the country became a tidal wave. In some cases, it was a tsunami and caused damage in its wake. Eventually, it washed the entire country clean and gave equal opportunity in fact to nearly everyone. Then we entered a short phase now sometimes referred to as Camelot. When President Kennedy was shot the world careened on its axis but righted itself with assurances that Lee Harvey Oswald acted on his own. Really?

Then the anti-war sentiments from the 1970s took over. At the same time, the sexual revolution rolled into view. We took it in stride even though things seemed to be going to Hell. There was unrest in the country as we watched live on TV what was happening in Viet Nam. The government, which tottered into and out of a hated war, managed to avoid falling. They told us it was for the best. They ignored the ignomious exit. Really?

Entertainment began to go off the rails into crass and unbelievable coarseness. But it was funny. For those who were young and unattached, the world was a toy box of temptations that were available to everyone. Unrestricted by moral or health repercussions the youth of that time was having guiltless sexual encounters and telling the world about it. Nothing was hidden, and more and more couples lived together without matrimony. Many had babies without obligations to the father and without censure. Then suddenly came “consequences”. First, Herpes, which the press hyped as an incurable disease. The terror caused by the constant fear-mongering included nursery schools. Parents were systematically terrorized by the stories they read, the eye-witness accounts about this new plague they saw during the TV news. There were tales of kicking 4-year-olds out of kindergarten. These unlucky students whose parents might have been a victim of this new STD were shunned, not allowed at birthday parties or playdates. About the time that simmering kettle of fear lost some of its power, the world was introduced to AIDS. A new “terrible disease” was foisted on an innocent public and people died. Lots of people died due to ignorance and fear. Once again the news and the medical community fanned the flames of terror in the general public. Those with AIDS were shunned. One of the doctors associated with this terrible time, and the great loss of life, was Anthony Fauci. Really?

The 90s brought real estate disaster and lots of money lost, but at the same time, the Internet was just beginning to raise its head. Then it nearly crashed due to its own inflated weight. But by September 11th, 2001, that was just about forgotten. A bigger more dramatic event had materialized. There was new panic due to the terror attack on the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon. In the words of one newscaster “The world will never be the same.” And he turned out to be correct. But was all that terror really necessary?
Of course, the loss of life was terrible and it was lucky that the buildings were not more crowded at that time of day. It might have been even worse. However, It was an isolated incident. There was no way the terrorists could have continued to attack us. Our intelligence knew this. Why did everyone suddenly feel vulnerable? It is a huge country. None of us was at risk any longer. But the government used our intense fear to impose new restrictions and impinge further on our individual rights. The most harmful of these is the Patriot Act. Do you know what it says? On the other hand, the restrictions on travelers are something people deal with every day. Why on earth did people put up with changing all the rules in airports? Why are people still taking off their shoes? How stupid it is to change the culture of the entire country, the greatest country of all, and suddenly act scared of airline passengers. Really?

Twenty years have passed and yet we have learned nothing. In fact, it seems to me that not only has the entire country been “dumbed down” and emasculated. (Am I allowed to use that term?) The snowflakes have taken over the universities and somehow turned everyone into cowards who are scared of guns, fast cars, and now, grandmothers. Yes, with the current world conspiracy we are supposed to be afraid of each other. There has been a huge effort to terrify the public and call a virus DEADLY when actually there are plenty of treatments available. We can make most people well if they are given early treatment. But these treatments were demonized and forbidden. At the same time the fear campaign has raged, week after week with death counts sliding across the TV screen, day after day. “Be afraid” they said, “ Be VERY afraid.” REALLY?

After all, how can you tell who might be carrying a deadly disease? How indeed? How did we ever know the health condition of any casual passerby? We did not test them. We did not harass them or try to force them to accept unwanted medical procedures. Two years ago such a thing would have been unthinkable. But the fear monger’s have been getting more practiced over the decades of my life. The means of communication have increased a thousandfold. Drug companies stand to make billions and governments can exercise control over their countrymen which would never have been conceivable before. The conspiracy between the Pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, big Tech, and the Government has squeezed normal citizens into categories that are graded for compliance. One shot, two shots, boostered, or what about “natural immunity” gained by those who recovered? Some are shunned as non-compliant and effectively ostracized by the masses of hypnotized believers. REALLY?

It is not quite too late. It is still possible to wake up and walk free. Are you going to write this off as the ravings of an old woman? OR are you going to say to yourself “Yes, I recognize this pattern.” You have seen it all of your life, no matter your age. Will you decide to do some independent checking? You could start with anything that the mainstream news tells you is true. It probably isn’t.


Copyright©. 2022 Bonnie B. Matheson

2 thoughts on “Are You a Conspiracy Theorist?

  1. You forgot to mention the financial crisis of 2008 but I get the point. As a committed Marlowevian I have no trouble swallowing almost any conspiracy and the Chinavirus pandemic is so stupid and in(on) your face that thinking of it as anything but an organized psyop is impossible. God willing it will end and, more importantly, generate a passion for freedom in the sane people of our country to recapture the levers of power and punish the Evil Doers like Fauci.

  2. A conspiracy theorist is someone who sees that groups, governments, agencies, corporations and foundations, are working together. They are conspiring to advance their own agenda of wealth and control. Some of us theorists call ourselves conspiracy “factists” in acknowledge of the fact that these conspiracies exist.
    Take most of our industry groups: We have been taught to believe that two companies in a field are competitors. Then we wonder, say with gasoline prices, why are prices are set to the same price as we drive down the road. “How do they know?” Drive to a different location, and the prices are set to a different level, removing the justification that the price of crude is driving consumer price.
    Competition, we are taught, is the backbone of a free economic system. Yet we can see the absence of true competition except on the level of small business.
    (Small businesses are gouged by the tax system, while large businesses receive copious tax breaks. Free enterprise you say?) Most “do-good” tax-exempt foundations are nothing more than money-laundering operations for the conspiracists.
    One who sees conspiracies is able to see patterns, obvious once one trains the eye. Probably most can see them, but scoff at the idea that they “mean” anything in their lives.
    And thus we continue as slaves to the system, working our butts off in a 9-to-5 that gives us little time for reflection and observation.
    All the while, we are “trained” (by sophisticated entrainment technologies) to become discerning consumers as if that is the wonderful gift of human life that we looked forward to when young. I got a college degree so I could make better purchasing decisions?
    We are “trained” to think kindly of our corporate and government masters. They have our best interests at heart. Don’t they?
    We have been “trained” to think that there is another side to the political spectrum against whom we must align ourselves as if they are the enemy. They hold different views! (In the revealing words of Justin Trudeau, they hold “unacceptable” views.)
    We have been trained to think that when we cast our vote, those we vote for have been “naturally” selected, rising to the top by excellent character and charitable and effective actions. And that the whole selection process is open and fair. And that elections themselves are open and fair.
    Shake the shackles of control loose. Wake up and see that we have been controlled by what is one big control structure of conspiring individuals. They were behind the assassination of J.F.Kennedy soon after he warned of the dangers of secret societies and threatened to dismantle the CIA. And since that time, as holistic doctors drop dead mysteriously of heart attacks, their voices missing now from those who condemn the current medical crime taking place, along with others who stepped outside the control system and spoke publicly about it. Dead before their time, many by suicide though they were not suicidal say their family members.
    Shake the shackles of control loose. Propaganda is neither positive or negative. It is an attempt at mind control. It may suit the purposes of the government, which, if you believe in your government, may then seem positive. It is all an attempt to control how and what you think, and thus to advance the agenda of the conspiracists.
    WWII? Did you know that our leaders had been supporting the Nazi regime AND its eugenics platform prior to declaring war on them? This would include your favorite leader. “Surely he could see the evil in the Third Reich?” No, he backed it in fact.
    The conspiracy group (the “one” company according to Elon Musk) is a fact, not a theory. And it strives to control your mind, your behavior and your life. Don’t wait until the social control system gets to be as comprehensive as China’s. Train yourself to see it now and act accordingly.

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