Misinformation or Censorship?

Misinformation or Censorship?

A nurse told me, “Your private doctor does not care about you. They just want to make money. They do NOT care what happens to you.” She was emphatic and she sounded angry. Everyone is on edge, these days. She was adamant that doctors were in it only for the money.
This was interesting because she is a nurse at a hospital. Most people I know would say that “hospitals do not care about you. They just want to make money.” In fact, among my family and close friends, the mantra is “stay away from hospitals, no matter what! They will hurt you there.” We all know stories of people who went to the hospital because they were sick or injured. While there, they contracted a disease or a virus and later died. It is dangerous to go to the hospital.

So what is the truth? Hospitals have protocols and rules and boards to report to. They are not autonomous. They have their own hierarchy which includes the Administration, medical doctors Board of Directors, and insurance companies. Now the Government has inserted itself into the mix.

All of the above have committed crimes against humanity on a global scale. The fear campaign has been elaborate. The populace is kept in a constant state of panic. In order to gain full control of the people of the world, those who stand at the top of the pyramid have tightened the noose around our necks. The government is not what we think. Our American way of life is threatened by this global New World Order. Because of the fear which is causing chaos, we are beginning to forget the very freedoms which we have given away over the last 2 or more years. Soon it will be too late to recover them.
But right does not become wrong, and wrong does not because RIGHT just because a majority says it is true. When money comes into the equation, the truth has a hard time holding its ground.

Day after day we are fed a diet of “misinformation” from the legacy media. One of the things they are pushing is that we need to stop the spread of MISinformation. This would be funny if it were not so desperately sad. They are the pushers of lies. They are telling us daily about death counts that are false. They insist on trying to frighten us. They lie about treatments being ineffective, they lie about vaccines being effective. They lie to us daily.

We have experienced a pandemic which is partially the fault of the testing mechanism. The number of people who test positive is also wrong. In fact, the tests are wrong, and deliberately so. With the PCR tests, it is important to calibrate them correctly. Yet the cycles are set artificially high which causes many false positives. (many = thousands and thousands)

These panicked people are searching for help. They have been programmed to believe that Covid is a fatal disease that will kill them if they test positive. They believe the lie. After all, they hear it everywhere, all day long. It is not a real truth, but more like a hypnotic suggestion. They are told the vaccine is the answer. “Go get it!”. Don’t question what is in it. Just do as you are told. If you don’t you are not a compassionate person. Are you filled with doubt? Do it for the greater good. No, don’t ask what is in it. The insert is left blank so that you won’t become alarmed.

No matter how often the press and the medical professionals repeat the lie, there is just no safe vaccine. Why did people allow themselves to be used as guinea pigs? What about the fact that the vaccines which are really NOT vaccines are still experimental. mRNA shots are gene therapy. But don’t worry, be happy. Everything will be all right. Vaccinate your children. In spite of the fact that they are absolutely NOT at risk from the virus. Give them the shot. Ten-year-olds with heart attacks are just an anomaly.

The people believed the narrative which was not only fake it was a fable, completely constructed to fool people. Hypnotic suggestions yes, but a few people resisted. They were not suggestible. 50,000 truckers partaking in a peaceful convoy in Ottawa ought to gain some recognition.

Will the truckers make a difference? Will their bravery be rewarded? Will there be a new convoy tracking across this country? (The USA) Peaceful protest; a sign of the times.

Do you want your country back? Too late. While there is life there is hope. Maybe we can still live free if we stand up. Do not comply.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that you need to speak up. Someone has to. Why not you? Are you afraid of censure? Of course, that is a real possibility. Look what they are doing to Joe Rogan. It is dirty, fighting dirty, evil doings. Don’t get involved if you are squeamish.

The hospitals and the doctors and the lawyers for the pharmacologists and the politicians and the press are the drivers. And then there is Dr. Fauci. The fact that they have disparaged natural immunity is not only wrong, but it has also caused great personal harm. There are many studies reporting the strength of natural immunity which occurs in those who have had the virus. Some people have natural immunity without having been ill. The CDC keeps saying it is useless. Most recently Marty Makary posted an article in the Wall Street Journal with proof once again that it is more useful to have natural immunity and yet, the CDC spun it to make their point seem logical.

The same can be said about The NIH. They seem to want to pretend that natural immunity is not real. They constantly ignore treatment and push vaccines as the solution. Their aim is to get every man woman and child vaccinated. Even though their vaccines have proven to be ineffective at best and potentially lethal at worst.

The misinformation that the mainstream media is talking about is coming FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

It is an internal “coup”, on a scale that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. it is NOT only in the USA. It is global.

If only we could convince people to do a bit of research. The information is out there. it is censored by some of the usual platforms. You need to find it on Rumble or Telegram or several other platforms. But you can find it.

The problem is that many people are so frightened of the virus, that they cannot see past their own fear. The systemic propaganda directed at the public about the virus and how to proceed is astounding. The blackout on treatment options is outrageous. This is censorship which kills. This is censorship on a terrifying level.

Copyright©. 2022 Bonnie B. Matheson

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