Thanksgiving, what does it mean to you?

Thanksgiving, what does it mean to you?

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.? No presents to worry about, and much less expense and decorating than Christmas makes this a more calm holiday. Our family is close enough to really enjoy each other. No one has to fly to be here for the day. That is a huge plus this year.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful.

We will have four generations at this party. And this year my youngest son and his wife are hosting all the rest of us.? What a triumph that is for me. My job as a parent has been successful. I am very proud of all of my children, but it is especially poignant for me that my very youngest is taking up the baton.

Many families are not so lucky.? So many children are located too far away to come home to their parents.? A large number of people would not want to if they could.? But it is important to realize that just having family at all is a privilege that not everyone has.? Could we just try for one day to bury the hatchet and give thanks for being alive and well fed? No one can ?push buttons? as easily as one?s own family.? In one moment relations can send us from happy to really angry, just by using a phrase or even a gesture that upsets us.

I believe strongly in vibrational happiness. If we can give off positive vibrations they will be catching and make others feel positively about things as well. If you are feeling depressed or unhappy, you can change your state almost immediately.? You only need to want to do it.? The ways are varied and some take no more than a moment or two. One of my favorite ways is to simply listen to music which I love. Preferably music that uplifts me and makes me smile the moment I hear the first few bars. Do you have a song like that? Or is there a symphony you can put on your MP3 player or Ipod? What is a sure fire way to elevate your mood?

Make a list of what really makes you feel good. Try to find things that are legal and cheap and won?t impair your judgement. Sometimes I watch a funny DVD. Or there are sites on YouTube that simply have funny videos, one after the other.? For people who love to read an amusing book is a good choice. A really slap your sides funny book is best.? Prayer works for those who understand the beauty of it. Don?t hesitate to call on your Higher Power to make it easier for you to be joyful and thankful.

I wish everyone out there a wonderful, Happy Thanksgiving!

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