Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough!

Something needs to be said about the TSA. This whole body scan thing has gone completely out of control. For years now I have been removing my shoes, taking out my laptop, removing my jewelry and metal headband, I take off my jacket and meekly go through being scanned by (the old fashioned) screening that we all must walk through, but now they have gone too far.? I will not be X-rayed needlessly. And I resent the fact that anyone would want to pat down a woman of my age and obvious lack of threat to anyone.

What about children? Are they giving them doses of Xray, too?? Or if parents worry that this may harm their children are they subjected to molesting by strangers that would be punishable by prison terms anywhere else?

Some people have said that flying is a privilege not a right.? I disagree. We pay for it. We expect not to be discriminated against. Yet they say it is the cost of flying, these days.

I am against discrimination, but then they must find a way to treat people as if they are innocent until proven guilty. The answer has not come to me.? What is the solution? Does anyone know? No terrorist attacks have been carried out by anyone who is not a Muslim male between the ages of 18 and 30. Does that tell you something? Perhaps Muslim men could be asked to provide proof of ?safety? somehow, before purchasing a ticket.? Really there must be an answer better than what we have now.

Are people mad enough, yet to stand up for their rights? I hope so. Otherwise we will find ourselves hopelessly living in an Orwellian society, with no redress.

Speak up everyone!

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