There are two types of people. Which one are you?

There are two types of people. Which one are you?

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who think the government is doing things in their best interests and those who think.

We are in a fight to the death. Are you one of those who think? What are you prepared to do about it? Are you able to separate the propaganda that seems to be ubiquitous from the truth they have suppressed?

?There has been an attempted coup. A group of people tried very hard to unseat the President of the United States. They nearly succeeded. In the process, they have caused havoc. So many gullible people believed the lies fed to them by official news sites and credible journalists. Of course, that is why our President uses the term “fake news” because much of it they just make it up. Even if they use facts, they distort and cherry-pick them to fit a plan that they hide from the American people. 

The facts are beginning to come out now. Will those who are guilty be prosecuted? Or will the whole sad affair sink back under the surface as these things do when all the players want it to go away? It reminds me of the scandal over Benghazi. The guilty parties were so powerful that even though the villans caused an ambassador’s death, they were able to bury the incident. And Hillary Clinton famously said, “What difference, NOW, does it make?”

Of course, it was a tragic incident, including gun running and all sorts of intrigue. If someone made a movie of this incident, it would not be believable, and people would say, “What a wild, crazy theme that movie had. None of that could possibly happen. But it did.¬†

The New World Order is part of the deception. What do you know about that? Do you think it is a conspiracy theory? (hint: it’s not).

But more immediate is the idea that the government can take care of us. Even the idea that it “should” take care of us would have been anathema to our Founding Fathers.

?The government, today, is an entity made up of politicians. It is not a group of benevolent and thoughtful individuals. Those elected to office today want to ensure that they continue to be elected. Many of them are career politicians, like Joe Biden. They want to hold on to their seats, their seniority, and their perks. To do so they will do all sorts of melding of ideas and principles to THEIR own best ends. NOT YOURS. 

?The less government interference there is, the better. Yet the myth abounds that the government can make things better for people in need. While in truth, it is outside of government where real help lies. Nothing helps people like having a job and a purpose and enough money to support themselves. The American Dream has been an ideal envied in other countries for years. But here it is very real. Don’t listen to those who say it does not exist. Until a few people with a rather dark agenda began to play identity politics, the dream was available to all who were willing to work for it. 

Unfortunately, those same people began to treat the lower-income groups as victims. Especially black people fit their stereotype. It was easy to convince them, and “slavery”, of course, was the ace in the hole. None of these people has ever been a slave. Just as none of the white people they vilify have ever owned slaves. It is a construct.?? Education and a stable family life are both indicators of future success. Values can be instilled by institutions such as schools, sports teams, churches, or by mentors. What is not so good is for vulnerable youth to be molded into young members of the many gangs that now inhabit our cities.

Worst of all is instilling the idea of victimhood. This will cut them off at the knees. Telling someone he or she is a victim effectively snuffs out ambition and conveniently gives them an excuse to be lax in all their dealings. The damage that has been done already is horrific. ??Somehow we must reverse this trend. 

Do you want to help? Find a vulnerable young person and spend some time with them. Perhaps reading books together or going to historic sites and discussing how this country came about would be a helpful antidote to the anti-American propaganda being taught in our schools today. It is not too late to save our country and the people in it. But it will be us that do it, not the “government.” Begin to “THINK” about what you can do. Each individual is important and necessary to bring our country back to being a place where no one is a victim, and everyone knows that.

Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

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