Are you terrified? Stop it! You are scaring the children.

Are you terrified? Stop it! You are scaring the children.

EVERYONE takes chances every day. Getting into a car is dangerous. When did we become so scared? Don’t watch Television. It is a colossal brain-washing operation. These “worst-case scenarios” are MEANT TO PARALYZE people with fear. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Please get back into life. Keep your own health good. Watch your OWN immune system. Stop trying to “fix it” for everyone else. You are causing a disaster for so many by your fear. Get the country up and running. Let children play and go to school. Go to the movies…plays…music and lectures. For GOD’s SAKE, STOP ACTING LIKE YOU CAN SAVE MANKIND. 

Here is a sample of what I read on Facebook from the fearful.

“To knowingly think it is ok to possibly spread a deadly virus to someone else that has not consented or be given a choice is Murder or battery.” 

That seems a bit extreme. No one KNOWINGLY infects others with any disease. Yet we do go out from time to time with a cold or even flu without knowing it yet. Some of these fanatically frightened people act as if we are purposefully evil.

“What makes anyone’s individual rights to infringe on another’s right to not knowingly be exposed to a deadly virus?” 

There is a tongue twister. Individual rights are just that. It is not our right to tell other people where they can go or what they must wear (i. e. masks) Then this same person said:

“I guess I choose a safe and healthy life for all, even if it is inconvenient to some. We are all our brother’s keeper even when we don’t like him.”

We are NOT our brother’s keeper. Let your brother take care of himself and leave him alone if he wishes to be left alone.

But for people who are in the last decades of their lives, there should be a moment of reflection. What is important to you? Do you want to spend your “golden years” sequestered in your apartment? How many people do you know who have become ill? How scared are you? If you were ill, would you want to be alone and unable to see your loved ones?

How ridiculous is this?

This idea of keeping people alone and lonely in their assisted living facilities is WRONG. I cannot prove it, but common sense will tell you that it is likely to cause depression, anxiety, and despair. People need people, there is even a song about it. This is not a joke. Human contact is as necessary to the mind and the soul, as food and water to the body.

What are we doing to our parents, our grandparents or younger people who are sick or incapacitated? It is inhumane to forbid them to see their families. At first I did not understand how widespread this practice is. But it has become the norm. And that is probably as lethal to some people as any disease might be. 

Now there are a lot of college-age kids who are being tested and found to have the Virus. They do not have symptoms. They are not sick. It makes me wonder if they do have the Virus. Could a lot of this be just a lot of fear making people assume that it is the Virus? Testing appears to be very uncertain, the results vary from one facility to another. 

I have not been tested and will not be unless I get forced into it by some unforeseen event.

The Virus has not frightened me. It does not seem very lethal even for those who become ill. The numbers of dead are almost certainly overstated. it has become political. And then there is the fact that hospitals get more money for COVID patients. Stay away from ventilators, which are proven to be deadly more often than not.

I am tired of seeing everybody write “Stay Safe” as they sign off. I always sign my emails “Do something risky!”

Time to come out of the cocoon. We are alive, and we might as well celebrate. The Virus is NOT going away. So let’s get on with life. For some people, that means to stay at home and keep as safe as possible. For others, it means going out, seeing friends, eating at restaurants, going hiking or biking or to Pilates class.

Participate in life. Risk is exhilarating for many people. Experience life to the fullest, and ditch the mask!!!

Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

One thought on “Are you terrified? Stop it! You are scaring the children.

  1. Enjoyed this, Bonnie! I wish more would think like this, still being cautious and aware. It’s been a difficult thing to grasp, but we will survive!!!!!
    Take care, Bonnie ???!

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