Waiting on hold…

Waiting on hold…

My web service provider is Web.com. It used to be Network Solutions which was a wonderful, responsive company. They answered the phone with live people. They listened and their prices were reasonable. I was happy with Network Solutions. I bought my very first Domaine name through that company on June 23rd 1999.

Unbeknownst to me, they were acquired by Web.com. Web.com is a terrible company. It has none of the wonderful characteristics that Network Solutions had in the past. The wait times are unbelievable. The service is awful. I have been trying to get them to remove some information from my site for one entire month.

Just now I have been on the phone for close to an hour. I am trying to discover what a monthly bill for $91.95 is and it turns out that I have been paying this amount since 2012 for a website that I own but do not really do much with. Most people don’t even know about that one anymore. It is my own fault that I did not check out what that bill was for. But at that time, that credit card was used for so much and such varied things that I just did not pick up on it. I guess I believed it was for hosting or something mysterious.

Now having spent over 2 hours on the phone and completing this blog post during my ‘ long holds’. I have spoken with various departments at Network Solutions and Web.com. Every single person I spoke with was polite and patient. I loved them all. However, it did not go well. It took me so long to find out what each charge was for. Often the response was “We cannot see anything that is done by that department. And they cannot see anything that we do.” So it is no wonder the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing.

In the end nothing much happened except, I discovered what some of the charges were. Some of which I actually needed. I was able to cancel the $91.95 per month, which I have been paying every month for 7 years. But I was not able to fix the wrong information on my site. I am not doing life coaching right now, and I did want a city named. Please do not contact me about that.

I wish I could say it was all resolved, but it wasn’t.
To be continued….

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