We are Not Afraid! (of research or anything else)

We are Not Afraid! (of research or anything else)

A huge rift has developed in the way people think of masks, vaccines, and social distancing in this second spring of what the government calls the “Pandemic”. There are those who question authority about mask-wearing and those who believe in wearing masks and taking vaccines.

Only the unmasked, un-vaccinated know that they are safe. They believe in their own immune systems. They believe the disease is treatable, especially if the person who contracts it is treated immediately. While the believers in the dogma of the CDC, Dr. Fauci et al. believe that everyone is at risk, including children, and in some cases dogs.

They say things like: “The ones who still refuse to get vaccinated, even though anyone other that young kids can now get one for free – well, they’ve made their decision to risk it, so they only have themselves to blame if they contract it and get a serious or deadly case. Those who are fully vaccinated don’t have to worry about the fools who don’t care.”

We are not fools. We who question the narrative foisted on the country by the government and mainstream news, are not ignoramuses or numbskulls. We research and research and research some more. We waste valuable time trying to get the original sources. We do not just accept data from the government. We do not believe everything we read in the newspaper. Does anyone actually still read the newspaper? I get mine digitally. I read many different news sources, not just one.

MIT researchers admit that anti-maskers are more scientifically rigorous. Even in an article ostensibly meant to discredit us:
The MIT academics go on to admit that those opposed to masks are not afraid to get down and dirty in looking at statistics, nor are they afraid to increasingly question the media and government authorities, a trait MIT researchers call “a weaponization of critical thinking.” Even more surprising is the revelation that anti-maskers’ “approach to the pandemic is grounded in a more scientific rigor, not less.”

The risk is small. The virus is treatable and survivable. If only people understood, “Please do some research. It is going to be OK. Stop listening to the scare brigade.” This is how we “weaponize critical thinking” to help others understand their options. It is to try to take away the fear factor which interferes with understanding the facts.
There is a large body of Propaganda designed to keep you in fear so that you will do as you are told. Apparently, most people just accept it. The fear is deep-seated and difficult to eliminate. I am horrified by the number of people that feel threatened by the idea of going without their masks. I am shocked. I am disillusioned. There are so many frightened people out there…and it is all a big lie.

Teachers appear terrified to go back to teaching. This may have more to do with the Teachers Union than with individuals. I am ashamed of them just the same. The harm being done to children is incalculable. It will last for years.

Nurses are particularly frightened of COVID. This fear reminds me of how afraid they are of childbirth and perhaps for many of the same reasons. They only see the cases where trouble erupts. They see nearly all of the deaths. Both with the virus and with childbirth the ones with problems are scary. I am not a nurse but I respect them immensely. It is not my calling and I cannot comment realistically on their experience with deathly ill and dying COVID patients.

My experience is much greater with childbirth. As a doula for many years, my feelings about hospital birth versus home birth are very strong. 25 years ago a birth I was involved in convinced me I could never again work in a hospital setting. It was during this time though that I realized that doctors and nurses have their own ethics about what they tell patients. Facts that do not serve the doctors are often ignored. And no one tells the mother, “You do not have to put up with this.” When doctors or nurses demand compliance on some issue.

Most nurses and nearly all doctors have never seen a baby born at home. They cannot imagine it. It is out of their realm to the point that it seems crazy and risky. But it is not. It is every bit as safe as having a baby in a hospital for normal pregnancies. Many feel it is much safer. There is certainly less chance of interference. What doctors and nurses don’t seem to comprehend is the peace and tranquility of home birth. Our bodies are designed to do this.

I believe that being sick with COVID is like that. For certain people the illness simply means they allow their bodies to rest and heal. They don’t panic because they know their bodies are strong and healthy. They trust their immune system. They stay safe at home while feeding themselves healthy food, vitamins, and the prescribed medicine. They don’t try to ignore the virus. They get plenty of sleep because our bodies heal while we sleep. These people are not consumed with fear. They do not mistakenly believe that 50% of people who contract the virus go to the hospital.

According to a recent Bill Maher show, about 70% of Democrats have a very highly inflated idea of the seriousness of testing positive for COVID-19. They think it is a fatal disease that sends 50% of the people who test positive to the hospital. Of course, some people do not even feel sick. For many, it is more like a cold than the flu, while others say it reminded them of flu. A few become seriously ill. Something like 1% to 5% go to the hospital.

It would be so interesting to find out if those who became ill enough to go to the hospital had some warning. Did they know they were positive but do nothing to treat the disease? The advice that the CDC and Dr. Fauci were giving for months and months was to stay home until you got sick enough to go to the hospital. But they did not say what to do while waiting. No one talked about a cure or a treatment. At first, they made some bad mistakes treating the virus. And after the President mentioned a cheap effective treatment: Hydroxychloroquine, the press jumped all over him. They tried their hardest to undermine that drugs’ reputation, calling the treatment dangerous and mentioning side effects that were extremely rare during the 60 years it has been used. (What about the side effect of not treating COVID until it has had two full weeks to embed itself in one’s body?) That is a crazy way to treat a pandemic.

Of course, I do not believe it really is a pandemic. The numbers simply are not there, no matter how many deaths they attribute to Covid, they are nowhere near actual “pandemic” numbers. It is a worldwide epidemic and it is serious, but it is not nearly as deadly as the Spanish Flu of 1918 nor the black death of the middle ages.

Near the end of 2020, the CDC estimated the mortality rate would be far lower if it included people who were infected with COVID but unaware. Asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 are very common, and if those cases were included, the CDC predicts the mortality rate would be closer to 0.65%.

Be thankful the death count is not so widespread. Research the experimental shot before you take it and decide for yourself if you feel it is worth the risk. And of course, there is a risk. If you are more scared of the virus, the shot may be right for you. Just be sure you understand what it means and the side effects which you may experience.

To your great good health! Enjoy the coming week!

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

8 thoughts on “We are Not Afraid! (of research or anything else)

  1. Hi Bonnie. I question your view on home birth as I have been to the funeral of a young first time mother who died during delivery at a non- hospital birthing center in the UK. I was told if she was at a hospital, there would have been equipment there to save her. Also, had I had a home birth, my older daughter would have died. She was breach and the cord would have strangled her. Thank God for the modern C- section. I have no idea why you would want a mother and child to face unnecessary risk. My daughter also required neo- natal care although she was full term. I thank God for advances in medicine

    1. MRC, I am glad for modern medical help for you. But just as with many other things there are those who view things differently. For instance, breach births are not fatal to babies, most happen fairly easily. Many babies are born with a cord wrapped around their necks. It is not normally a complication unless the cord is knotted and tight, which can happen. Doctors ( and nurses) often take credit for “saving” babies or mothers with their care. But sometimes the reason they needed to be saved was due to the interference of the staff during the birth. Inducing babies causes trouble, for instance. I could go on and on. But for those who have never had a home birth, nor wanted one, there is no way to convince you it is ever the right thing to do. Luckily for you, that does not matter. Lucky for those who wish it, there are home birth options.

  2. Hmmm. Family friend, married with children, all unvaccinated. Wife and children had “colds”. Husband, healthy, age 40-ish, caught their “colds” which were actually Covid -19 infections and is now on a ventilator and fighting for his life. Guess you pay your money and take your chances. I’m assuming the current anti vaccine people also skip polio, smallpox, measles, whooping cough,flu, shingles, etc. some of which were one-time killers
    before vaccines.

    1. That is so sad. And I hope it has a happy ending. Right now anyone with a cold needs to treat it as if it was COVID, with the treatments which are proven to work. There are MANY of them. It just blows my mind that the press and the government have not spent every moment explaining what to do if you get sick. Right away, do not wait, take the treatments which are effective, inexpensive, and easily attainable. But instead of treating the disease, they seem more interested in terrifying people into taking an experimental vaccine. I do not understand it.

      1. The title for your blog entry is “We Are Not Afraid” yet you consider the vaccine experimental and are therefore afraid to take it. You do advise however that anyone who falls ill to take medicines to treat the illness. How are those less “experimental” than the vaccine? As a New Yorker, I’ve seen the city spring back to life in the weeks after most got their 2nd shot. NOW our kids can see their friends, now restaurants are open to full capacity. I am grateful for the vaccine that gives us the protections to make us “Not Afraid.” Bonnie, you are a good writer but not an epidemiologist.

        1. This is very interesting because you are giving me insight into the mind of someone who believes the vaccines are the answer and who must have been afraid to go out before. Is that true? You see, the difference between what you write about and what I am speaking of is the fear factor. I have researched as much as I can about the disease, how to treat it, who is actually at risk, what drugs are effective, as well as vitamins and other things like herbs and elderberry syrup and manuka honey, colloidal silver and all sorts of alternative types of treatments. And once I figured out that the numbers of dying patients did not actually seem inordinately high, I began to go out and entertain and live my life normally. That began on May 29th, 2020. From then on I saw grandchildren, relatives, friends and went to Pilates class, and various dinners and lectures and events that were real-time. I was never sequestered after the first couple of months when I went to stay in a cottage on my daughter’s property. I am so surprised at how many people were too afraid to go out. We knew about treatments by then, even though the press tried hard to suppress the information about Hydroxychloroquine. And vitamin D and zinc are a great preventative to getting sick in the first place, so everyone should have been taking them. If the government had wanted us to get well, they could have given those out for free. But there were elements of the government who wanted to keep us scared. They drug companies wanted to make us all ready and willing to take their vaccines. And it worked. You think taking the vaccine is less risky than simply treating the virus. But there is no comparison. The virus is NOT that serious if you catch it quick. Treat it with vitamins and well used, cheap drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ that have nearly zero side effects and have been used for decades. They are not experimental. I don’t know how much you understand about the vaccine but it is something that has never been done before. In fact it is not a vaccine at all. I suggest you spend a couple of hours looking into to it. I have been doing this for months now, not just a few hours. I recommend the site https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/frontline-news

          1. Hi Bonnie. While I appreciate the reply I don’t think you understand that not everyone has a daughter with a cottage. While I did of course see my family during CoVid everyone was as careful as possible w/ masks and quarantines. That and hand washing was all that was available pre- vaccine. Living in a city, we could or not maskless. New York was hit hard in March of 2020 and the steps taken squashed the curve of new infections. I choose to believe the science and that the best way to survive CoVid was not to contract it in the first place. Do you really think that my friend who still has trouble w/ her lungs or my friend who now must take blood thinners more than a year post- infection didn’t take zinc or other wellness formulas? Here, it was about stopping the spread to protect front line workers and those of us with compromised immune systems. You seem to have politicized the vaccine (and I know it’s not actually a vaccine, but that is the term people know and it’s actual process seems irrelevant as the result is the same. No one dying if CoVid.) I’ll choose the health and wellness of those around me over politically charged “personal freedoms” every time. I choose not to do my own research as I am not a research scientist and I have enough hobbies. New York is back and it’s because of the vaccine (or whatever you’d prefer to call it.) We do not exist in a void, we are our neighbor’s keeper.

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