“They actually changed the definition of “pandemic,” removing the requirement of mass casualties, and if it wasn’t for that, COVID-19 simply would not qualify as a pandemic.”

Quoted from Naomi Wolf on Dr Mercolas podcast.

There is a private school in Miami that is actively “anti-mask, anti-vax” and it is causing quite a stir.  The people who believe in masks are often also the people who believe in vaccines. They are often the same people who believe in government as a benign force we can depend on to help us. While others believe that “government is a necessary evil” as Thomas Paine famously said in his pamphlet Common Sense all the way back in 1776.

Daily the mainstream news lambasts the doubters, and fans the flames of fear for the believers. The list of Covid patients in various countries where the virus is ballooning is alarming. The numbers on the screen turn it into a huge crisis which includes photos or harassed medical staff and grieving families. But this is part of the fear campaign meant to make us all get in line. 

If you think about it, there is no reason why people cannot come to their own conclusions about the virus. This is also true for the vaccine. Let people decide whether it is tested enough for them to take it into their bodies. There are various choices and that makes it more difficult. People have to “Think”. And then there is availability, which can point the person in one direction or another. But all of it should be individual choice.

Forcing athletes to compete while wearing masks is insane. A young woman recently passed out while running a race masked. “I felt like I just wasn’t being able to get a full breath…I just felt super-dizzy, and then eventually passed out.”

Maggie Williams shares her struggle competing with a mask on, which sparked change from OHA. https://t.co/0YNcfvttmq— Max Goldwasser (@MaxKTVZ) April 27, 2021

But why? Why do people put up with this? That is something I find almost impossible to believe. Why are you allowing this? Are you one of those who has been convinced that this virus is lurking everywhere just waiting to kill you?  That is simply not true. Though it is true that the media is pushing this narrative. Why? Why are they trying to keep us in a perpetual state of fear?

People just wait and let life happen to them.

They don’t do any research or take any preventative measures. They wait to be told what to do, and they don’t ask questions. All during this manufactured “Pandemic” the “authorities” such as WHO (the World Health Organization) and Dr Fauci (who has never treated a COVID patient) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) have been talking about waiting for a vaccine. They did NOT give any advice about how to combat the virus if a person was exposed or tested positive for COVID. 

And yet, there are many treatments available. More are being discovered all the time. Sometimes a combination of things works best to mitigate the disease’s symptoms and keep the body from succumbing to the more serious aspects of the virus.

It is true that in the beginning doctors were confused and frightened by the seriousness of this new type of Corona Virus. It did not seem to respond well to the early treatments with intubation and oxygen.  It seemed to take them a while to discover that it was a vascular disease rather than a pulmonary one. Many lives were lost while they figured this part out.  And a lot of fear was generated by giving out the “death numbers” daily. 

Never let a crisis go to waste.  What this means is don’t let it pass without using it to tighten control over the people.

Yesterday I spoke to a woman who works for an alternative health organization. I suggested it would be better for us to remove our masks. She was horrified.  When I questioned why she was so fearful she would not discuss it. “Let’s not go there.” She said this firmly and she meant it. I could see the fear in her eyes.

But where did it come from? Who is it that is masterminding the fear mongering? Is this a Global Conspiracy? What can we do to save people from this plan?

We are being systematically scared to death. On purpose. Propaganda on a huge scale is driving the entire country into a corner. For over one entire year people pretty much put up with it. Many states were shut down. Emergency powers  were given to their governors. The governors used these to take away freedoms from their constituents one (and sometimes more) at a time. People gave up easily.

It is for the “greater good” they said. We are responsible for our neighbors health. “I would never forgive myself if I gave the virus to someone vulnerable.” And they had us convinced that we might not know if we had it. We might be asymptomatic and yet pass this DEADLY disease on unknowingly to others. 

But it is NOT deadly to most people. That is the first lie. The survival rate is something over 99% for most of the population. Do you understand? MOST PEOPLE LIVE! 

50% of those who died were in Nursing homes and other care facilities. Almost all of them had pre-existing conditions that in many cases were nearly killing them already. And I cannot prove this, but it is entirely possible that many who died did so because they were so frightened. The doctors and nurses acted like their disease was fatal so it became a self fulfilling prophesy.

Stop being afraid. 

We must protect our values. They are under attack, by everyone, on every side. 

However we are able to make our own decisions if we dare. We are much more powerful than we believe we are. But it will be better if people will band together.

We must get together and force the government to let us come out of hiding, stop wearing masks, send children back to school and open the entire country.

Make Americans Free Again!

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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