What Are You; Boy or Girl?

What Are You; Boy or Girl?

Are you a boy or a girl?

There are only two sexes. That is the Science. Same with pronouns…! Pronouns are a gateway drug says Megyn Kelly who once felt comfortable using the gender preferred ones that people requested. She has since awakened to the harm of all this “preferred pronouns” and transgender hype and hysteria. She has a daughter and so she understands the harm that is being done to all young girls during this very strange time in history.

Schools are pushing the transgender agenda and shaming children who are not onboard. CHILDREN? When did it become OK to discuss these issues with elementary school children?

But some will not comply.

Poem by 14 Year Girl: I AM NOT A DRESS

Bren Dove -14 yrs. Old


Here’s the poem in text:

I Am Not a Dress:

We are women, we are warriors of steel,

Woman is something no man will ever feel,

Woman is not a skill that any man can hone,

Woman is our word, and it is ours alone,

I am not a dress to be worn on a whim,

A man in a dress is nonetheless a him,

Women are not simply what we wear,

If this offends you, I do not care,

I am not an idea in any man’s mind,

And my purpose in life is not to be kind,

So when my rights are trampled every day of the week,

I will not stand by being docile and meek,

I am not defined by sexists eyes,

There is more to a woman than that shallow guise,

That guise of dresses, bikinis, and skirts,

Those clothes are not what womanhood is worth,

I am not a b****, a terf, a whore, a slag,

Hysterical, a witch, a slut, a hag,

No, I am a woman, I’m a female,

Who will not her rights be put up for sale,

I am not defined by what men are not,

So to Hell with cis misogynistic rot,

I am a woman, I’m not a subset of my sex,

If this makes me a dinosaur, so be it, I’m a t-rex,

I am not a bleeder, nor a menstruator,

A womb carrier or a uterus haver,

Those words and phrases are such a sham,

Just call me woman, it is who I am,

We are women, we are warriors of steel,

Woman is something no man will ever feel,

Woman is not a skill that any man can hone,

Woman is our word, and it is ours alone

This young woman is wise beyond her years. Her words are powerful. She seems to understand that women are special and singular. Men are different. As the French say: Vive la Difference!

After hearing my views someone sent me an article about how complicated sexuality is.

Unfortuneatly that article is useless and trivial and leads gullible young people down some strange paths. It stated “Determination of biological sex is staggeringly complex.” But the fact is most people are male or female. Full stop.

Of course, there are variations! So what? The sky is blue when you look at it on a clear day. But it is not always the same shade as the quality of light makes it more or less intense as does the clarity of the air. To observers on earth it is still blue above the clouds, even when clouded over or colored by a sunset. The huge spectrum implied by the graphic in this article is just pretty colors drawn by someone with a fevered mind. I am a woman, I understand how easy it is to obfuscate the truth with a lot of minutia and drivel, meant to confuse someone into compliance. We have practiced this sort of deception for millennia.

People who try to confuse young people about what sex they are, play into the hands of some evil agenda to control by disempowering women. Women have always had immense power. They used to keep this more or less secret from men. But, in the mid twentieth century the “gloves came off” and women became strident in their search for equality in the modern world. Their roles were different and therefore they needed a different sort of protection under the law. And they were successful to the point where there is no possibility of discrimination against them without legal redress. Men became very wary of transgressions against women. And women had the upper hand in almost every situation. Yes, I know there are less CEOs who are women, but my theory is that most women do not want to go to the trouble and sacrifice of climbing the top rung of the ladder. They could if they wanted to, it is NOT a matter of ability.

Just as women were taking their place in the lead in their own sports, the tables turned. Just as they could share their pride in their success in business they were attacked. The insidious infiltration of men into the world of women began. Some men chose to identify as female. And worse than that they began to indoctrinate elementary school children into questioning their gender.

Klinger dressed as a woman because he wanted people to think he was insane.

Somehow intelligent people began to forget common sense and it became “progressive” and “compassionate” to encourage those with alternative views about their sexuality to come out in the open about it. Then, when covid shut down the country and the schools, all Hell broke loose. Kids forming their own family groups on TikToc encouraged each other to question their sex. It became the “in thing” to transition from one sex to the other. Then, the medical industrial complex got involved realizing there was money to be made. I won’t go into it here, but a whole industry has grown up around the trans people. Instead of treating their mental illness, they were enabled to change their sex. This, often happens, without anyone informing their parents. And those who speak against this trend are called transphobic and shamed for their lack of compassion.

The very idea almost proves the existence of evil. And it appears to be an all out war. We are in a struggle between good and evil. I am praying that good will win! But I am afraid I won’t live to see it because it is a tremendously slow process.

Copyright©. 2023 Bonnie B. Matheson

2 thoughts on “What Are You; Boy or Girl?

  1. Well put again Bonnie! I love the passion in your argument and clear ability to speak truth to this monstrosity of a civilization we find ourselves floating in. When we uphold mental illness, sexual depravity, obesity, drug addiction and homelessness as honorable and celebratory we have crossed into lunacy. May God forgive us and have mercy on those struggling and guide those of us seeking a clear path of action towards righting this off course ship.

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