What is Your Biggest Fear?

What is Your Biggest Fear?

Have you been terrorized by your TV? Do you listen to the numbers of people who have been diagnosed with covid? Do you pay attention to the number of dead? Do you know that these numbers are simply not true?

All the information is available online. But you really have to search. Many doctors and scientists have been silenced or marginalized because tech companies do not want to allow dissent. Is this because the number of dollars for advertising comes from pharmaceutical companies? What is the reason you are not being given all the facts?

They use the phrase misinformation. You hear this everywhere. But it seems like most of the misinformation is actually coming from the mainstream media. Rachel Maddow, who sounds like she knows what she is talking about, has been one of the worst offenders. She clearly believes the “narrative.” But she has been proven wrong. Why don’t they make her apologize? But they do nothing. No one has called her out on the lies she has told her audience, not a single time. If you listen to the clip, it sounds like there is no argument. But almost everything she said is simply NOT true.

If you wore a mask any longer than the first couple of months they started telling you to, then you have a lot of nerve talking about taking back the country. Anyone who falls for the Covid lies will fall for anything. I used to believe in independent-minded self-sufficient Americans. Now I realize that most of them are sheep. It is the most demoralizing realization of my life. I weep for my country.

People are still wearing masks to some degree. I see these people in the market. And worst of all, I see them in Hospitals and doctors’ offices. The masks are a sign of complying with the false narrative. Masks are harmful; they do NOT help anything. Somehow the press and government have managed to terrify a large segment of the population into believing there is a pandemic and they must be responsible for other people’s health. Both of those things are lies.

Will you just let this happen? Does it frighten you? Do you want to make a change? Will you speak up? Or are you afraid of losing your job or alienating your friends or family? Are you OK with the shaming of people who question the narrative?

But what really makes me weep is the fact that these people I thought of as my friends shun me. Just as the Jews were shunned by those who were afraid of the Nazis.  They were full of propaganda, making them think the Jews were unclean and carried disease…

Can’t you all see that you are doing the very same thing?  Don’t go all righteous on me saying it is not the same. It is exactly the same.

I am not a threat to you.  But all those who have been vaccinated ARE a threat because they can all be carriers without you knowing it.

Stop making this worse. We must all live with the fact that covid is here to stay, but it is not very serious.  And there are many ways to treat it.

I want to know if there is any hope of convincing anyone to let go of their fear. My new quest is to find people who need encouragement to learn that the entire pandemic is and was a scam. These experimental shots, which they often call “Vaccines,” are NOT safe. They are causing so much death and injury that it is almost inconceivable that it is not front-page news.

Will you join me in my search for answers? Will you become curious enough to look at the information that has been censored? Will you ask the uncomfortable questions? will you refuse to accept “Mandates” and other directives and gaslighting from our elected officials? Don’t allow a repeat of this horrific experiment.

Be Brave. Be a contrarian. Be a communicator of information. Be the change. Be happy.

Copyright©. 2022 Bonnie B. Matheson

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