COVID-19 dominates the news. It feels like the end of the world. Surely we will all die if we don’t listen to the authorities. We are in such danger from each other that we need to avoid people. Be frightened of your grandchildren, and grandchildren be terrified of “killing” your grandparents. What a terrible idea that is. Family is so important we must not ignore its importance in the face of a threat that is way over-hyped.

We are supposedly all responsible for each other’s health and well-being. Where did this idea come from? We are NOT responsible for everyone else. We are responsible for ourselves and our families depending on the situation. Small children take precedence as do aged grandparents or great-grandparents. But we are NOT responsible for our neighbors’ health, or the man riding in an elevator with us. We do not owe any stranger on the street more than respect and manners and leaving them to their own pursuits. We are not responsible for keeping other people well.

I hear so much fear in thread after thread on Facebook and Instagram and other social media. People will NOT listen to any facts they don’t like. There is nothing I can say to alleviate their fear. But I hope people will look a little farther than the evening news for their facts about Covid. It is a highly treatable virus if caught early. It is NOT a lethal virus for most people. In fact, it barely causes any inconvenience for about 80% of those who catch it. I had it in November and took all the vitamins and medicine and herbs and tinctures and things I had learned about. RIGHT FROM THE FIRST DAY. I did not wait to get ‘sicker’. I went to bed and let my body fight it off. I ate a very careful restricted diet, NO SUGAR, and almost no carbs. I SLEPT a LOT. I am in my late 70s and overweight. I have no other underlying conditions. In 8 days my body was completely healed and there have been no residual symptoms.

I have been studying this virus since the very beginning because my grandmother died of the Spanish Flu in 1918 when my mother was 8 months old. “Epidemics” have always been in the back of my mind as a future possibility. They did NOT call it a Pandemic when my grandmother died. I don’t believe it is a pandemic, now. The numbers which sound so drastic are just typical death numbers for a population like ours. This number of people die every year in the USA. They may have had a small uptick this last winter. I believe a lot of people have died because of “The FEAR”. They heard they had covid and believed it was a death sentence. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I know of 90-year-old people with Alzheimer’s Disease who beat it and recovered.

Here is a quote from someone on one of these threads that is very interesting, if true:

“Covid is not a Virus. The Virus is SARS-CoV-2. Covid is the illness/disease that can occur after contracting SARS-CoV-2. It includes things like fever, cough, headache, loss of smell and taste, fatigue, etc. SARS-CoV-2 is a real virus.
I worked with it daily for about 6 months, last year. But it is WAY OVER HYPED, and is not even kept in the Lv 4 Containment Lab. (Lab where all the deadly and highest contractability pathogens are contained!”

The worst thing that has happened is the totally judgmental attitude of all these frightened people. All of them are terrified. They are terrified because they believe the hype. They are convinced that the virus is a mostly fatal disease that they probably won’t survive.

Some doctors and nurses are contributing to the fear. After all, they usually see only the very ill patients. They see those dying alone on a ventilator. They see everyone in PPE and are constantly reminded to be vigilant about germs. They are probably overworked and overtired. What I do not understand is the lack of reassurance from doctors. They should be telling us what to do to prevent getting the virus. Things such as keeping healthy and keeping Vitamin D levels high, getting lots of sleep, and trying to keep stress at bay. And if we suspect we have been exposed then there are the next steps for defense. There are several drugs that are proven to work. Health providers all over the country should be prescribing them liberally. But they are not. Why?

Is it because they want everyone to be vaccinated? The reason they did not want to know about a way to cure it, was that the vaccines could not have been approved for emergency use if there was a proven treatment for the disease. And so they say “None of these things work.” This is a lie. And I wonder how many people are dead because they believed it? It is criminal to withhold a treatment that works from the public. The authorities are guilty as Hell for not allowing things like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine and others to be used at the first sign of the virus.

Now they are forcing shots on unwilling students returning to colleges. They are blaming variants on unvaccinated people. They are trying to shame people into believing we are all “required to be our neighbors’ keeper”. This is a horrible guilt trip to impose on people. It has had terrible effects on certain types of people. They have not seen their grandchildren in 18 months. They are afraid to gather together inside. These people mask and unmask many times a day. They do not bother to read how small are the particles they are trying to protect themselves and everyone else from inhaling. The masks are next to useless. But they insist they feel better wearing them. And they want everyone else to get the vaccine and still mask up, too. They have been trying to shame them into getting the jab. And now sometimes companies or vaccine centers are giving money or gifts as incentives.

People don’t like being coerced. Not even with positives such as gifts and free stuff, because it is manipulative.
Why not concentrate on treating the virus? I don’t understand why this is not the top priority? There are so many proven treatments, but they seem to be spoken of in whispers. Why?
This virus is not going to go away. We need to learn to live with it. The first thing to do is stop making people afraid. We need to be confident in our ability to overcome the virus if we get it. Strengthen our immune systems, and feel assured we will stay well. The body is astonishingly resilient. But our mental attitude determines how well we do physically.

Our bodies are amazing. They heal us all the time. These days a lot of people depend on doctors to just give them a pill to make something go away. But that is not necessarily the best choice of treatment. Often lifestyle changes can make or break one’s health. Food really IS medicine. And sleep is medicine and so is happiness or contentment. Peace and quiet are treatments. Feeling safe is paramount in the healing body. Fear is dangerous in every way. It lowers the immune system for one thing. And our powerful minds go about creating whatever we focus upon. This is a fact. And being totally afraid of a disease can be deadly. The mind creates its own reality. Be careful of your thoughts because thoughts are things and have an immense relationship to what happens to us.

The thing that is keeping all these people in line is FEAR. They have literally been terrorized by the media. They have become used to learning how to feel about things by listening to talking heads. They can’t wait to be made safe by injecting “who knows what” into their bodies. Perhaps no one ever explained to these people that they have an immune system.

Politicians! They are so ready to believe anything that’s fed them by doctors like the one who is the spokesman for the virus. But he has an agenda. That man is interested in his own “wellbeing”, not yours. It is best to follow real DOCTORS who treat patients daily. Especially those who are being silenced (there’s a CLUE!) … Why are they being silenced? Do you ever wonder? The ones who are pulling the strings don’t waste time discrediting lies. Why bother? It’s the truth they are keeping hidden from you. Aren’t you curious about why?

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