Covid Collusion

Covid Collusion

Are you terrified of the Virus COVID-19? Please let me relieve your mind. Do you believe we are in the throws of a Pandemic? There are many authorities who do not believe that. Are you afraid you will catch the virus and end up in a hospital? Do you know what the chances of that are 1% – 5%? That is all. Most people do not get very sick with this virus. Yet the general feeling among people who only listen to the mainstream news is that most people end up in the hospital. Bill Maher shows this disparity between perception and reality clearly in the video below. He is definitely not a conservative, yet he points out that among Democrats over 70% are wildly misguided in what they believe about the dangers of Covid.

Some people enjoy poor health, it becomes part of who they are and is a constant source of “Being”. In this time of worrying about a disease like COVID-19 these people are really “into it”.
Why not be a contrarian? Decide you will NOT be unhealthy. No matter who says you should and no matter what the news is saying about the disease; JUST DON”T FALL FOR IT. Decide what you will be. You have the power to do this. You only need to believe it, to make it work.
Your health is in YOUR hands. Doctors mean well, but they cannot get inside our heads. We sometimes have other reasons for feeling bad. Aches, pains, cramps (especially menstrual cramps), headaches, mysterious bowel problems may all begin in our heads. Our guts are also responsible, sometimes. But instead of understanding this, people are often given drugs to mask their symptoms and therefore the problem remains. It is necessary to get to the root of the problem.

Recently I was very excited to see a heading in a book called Everything Will Be OK, by Dana Perino which said under Health “You really are in charge.” I read it eagerly because of course that is what I believe also. ??However what Ms. Perino meant was; You are in charge of knowing you should eat healthy food and not too much sugar. Wear more sunscreen. And worst of all, “You are in charge of remembering to get regular checkups” from a doctor.

It was so disappointing. You are in charge of a lot more than that. Ms. Perino did not seize the real opportunity to step up and tell people that they are all in charge of themselves. Doctors can only help steer you. You are the captain of your own ship

A doctor once told me, “If you really want to stay healthy, stay away from doctors. They will find something wrong with you if you let them.” Being one of them, he knew what he was talking about.

You have the Power, my dear!

First of all, you are in charge of what you decide to believe. And if you wish to believe doctors are saviors of your health that is fine. Fine until something goes really wrong and the doctors are stumped. Or the doctors say “There is nothing more we can do.” This happens. And when it does it is a lot better for you if you already KNOW that you can make a huge difference in other ways besides conventional medicine.

The biggest difference is in what you believe and how convinced you are of your own power and that of a Higher Power. If you read the literature about spontaneous cures and strange occurrences of terminally ill patients who recover you will see that there are a lot of things doctors do not understand. So if you DEPEND on them to make you well, you are leaving out the most important part; Yourself. (And your Higher Power, of course).

This same ignorance on the part of the general public (it seems) is responsible for many of the deaths from COVID that happened when people followed the CDC guidelines and the advice of hospitals which was “Stay home until you are sick enough to go to the hospital” Really? NOT ONE WORD about TREATMENT. This is a highly treatable disease. Where are the articles about what to do if you test positive or develop symptoms?

Immediately start a program to neutralize the virus. DO NOT WAIT. Not being a doctor makes me cautious about giving advice. But it is really easy to look up the treatments recommended by certain physicians who KNOW they can treat the virus. PLUS everyone should be taking vitamins. I DO NOT MEAN Centrum Silver or some other all-in-one pill you buy at CVS. I mean really good quality vitamins. The kind you buy because of recommendations from someone you trust. You can find advice in a good health food store, from a holistic doctor, an acupuncturist, or a chiropractor. Or you may know some other health professional that is more attuned to the mind-body connection and your personal nutritional needs. Of course, you can also do a lot of research online. But it really helps to speak with someone knowledgeable who is receptive to alternative ideas and treatments.

The most important ingredient is how you perceive yourself versus the virus. Your mind controls what happens to your body. Fear is contagious and it is dangerous. Stay away from the fear mongering news shows.

One other possible cause of death in healthy people is fear. You know people can die simply because they believe they will. Never underestimate the power of suggestion. I would not want to be treated by a doctor who was scared of the disease and thought I might die. Doctors know a lot, but sometimes they have “tunnel vision” about things and only believe “the literature” which is often wrong.

Most people who get Covid recover with no side effects. You must know this is true. Surely these doctors you are listening to know this. Very few people who test positive for Covid actually die. Way less than 1% for most age groups. I am sorry you are so fearful. You will be fine. But first, you must BELIEVE you will be fine. They have all sorts of cheap easy ways to treat it if you catch it early.  So do not let the fear propaganda bother you.  But if it makes you feel good to be immunized then I am happy for you.

By the way, there is no such thing as “SAFE”. We are all at risk every day from one thing or another. This is a fact we must all deal with, especially as we age. I wish you a long life full of wonders, risks and all.

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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