Think about the title of this post. What is your threshold? How much will you put up with? What are you willing to do to stop it?

Recently an organization to which I belong sent out an email to the membership about their new policy. The new rule which must be complied with is to show a vaccine passport or failing that, a negative Covid test. You must do this in order to attend their dinners and luncheons from now on.

This is becoming more and more frequently the case. But it terrifies me. “Show me your papers!” Was so often the case in Nazi Germany, and often depicted in movies about that period. As a young girl, it made me proud to live in a country where such a thing was unthinkable. But here we are. So I thought about it for several hours. Finally, I wrote a letter to the group/club. This is slightly embellished but essentially the same.

“I cannot comply.

I have enjoyed the (anonymous organization/club) so much since moving back to Charlottesville. Many of my friends are people whom I met at (anon org/club) events.

But you are asking me to do something now that I simply will not do.

I wish others would stand with me.

I will stand alone if necessary.

It is a lonely feeling. And it is frightening to think that I am alone in saying NO.

This is NOT RIGHT.

I never understood what happened in Germany. When I was a pre-teen and young teenager we lived in Luxembourg 1953-1956. Some of the embassy staff had survived concentration camps. I will never forget looking at the tattoo on Helene’s arm.  How did that happen? Now I understand.

The propaganda has been amazing. There has been a blanket of “misinformation” (lies) about the virus from the beginning. It has been amazingly effective. They did their best to scare everyone so much that they just wanted to be saved by the government, the doctors, and eventually a vaccine. Most people in Western countries were glued to the television for their information. It was all fear, all the time. This is called “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) It is a form of hypnotism from which it seems to be very hard to wake up. It is based on Fear. Fearful people are easily herded and coerced. They follow directions and give up freedom to be “safe”.

First, it was fear of the virus. Do you remember those video clips of people falling over in the street in China? For the easily scared it was enough to make them lose their reason. Highly inflated numbers of dead, and stories or horrible deaths were told over and over. FEAR was blown out of all proportion and flung at us 24/7 through the Television. We were immersed in it.

Fear first, and then anger at those who would not comply. This worked quickly because fear is such a powerful stimulus and it ends with anger. People who would not wear masks (though they are mostly ineffective) or who would not comply with social distancing soon became the enemy. The lock-downs and general inconvenient mandates and rules they made up were ignored by some people who continued to live their lives more or less normally. This turned the frightened ones into snitches who reported their neighbors for breaking rules.

The misinformation about the solution was intense, “It is just a mask”, “it is just two weeks to flatten the curve”, “it is just a year”, “it is just a vaccine.” ” It is just a passport,” (to live). Watching small businesses close and people lose their jobs, their homes, their livelihood, became fallout in “keeping safe”. And freedom is laughed at. The ‘hypnotized ones’ sometimes use the term “freedumb” as a pejorative. Censorship of treatments that are cheap and effective has been nearly complete. These tried and true treatments worked but were not only discouraged but they were also forbidden. For the first time, Doctors were told how they can practice medicine. They have been threatened with the loss of their licenses and their scholarly papers are not published if they do not comply.

Censorship is nearly everywhere. Doesn’t that upset any of you?
Don’t you want to KNOW what is being censored and make up your own mind? Why are they trying to keep the facts from us? Aren’t you curious?

After disrupting our lives for close to two years, some people seem to have forgotten what it was like to be free of fear.  They relish their fear. It gives them something to focus on. They have become accustomed to it and they do not chafe under it.

Now the enemy is no longer the disease it is those who are not vaccinated.

People who do not want to take the experimental jab are considered unclean. They are treated as lepers, dangerous, and expendable people to be segregated into separate spaces. Or simply not allowed in.

Some people wish I would just ‘Be Quiet’.
“Why not just go along?” (They say) “Don’t make waves”.   I bet they said that in Germany, too.

Did you get that? I have read that the way the Germans took over everything and exterminated the Jews and others whom they did not like was one tiny step at a time. They did it gradually, in tiny increments. They did not come into power and immediately start sending people to concentration camps. First, they set out on a propaganda program to make people think the Jews were “unclean”, disease spreaders, less desirable, and frightening. And they forbid them access to things one at a time. And the Jews did not complain because they thought it was temporary. They said, “How bad can it get?” We know the answer now.

Today perfectly nice people, well educated and thoughtful, have turned their backs on people who believe differently. These people blame all problems on those who are not fearful. Those who do not wish to be vaccinated are considered evil and stupid.

Some of these frightened people wish the un-vaxed people dead. I have heard strangers say things about these people such as “ I hope they die a painful death.” “I hope their children die.” “If they get Covid they should get no medical care. It is people like them who are causing the virus to spread or mutate.”

Pretty harsh.  And completely untrue. There is a lot of evidence that it is those who have been vaccinated who are spreading the virus and causing it to mutate.

I have had Covid. It was not that serious for me and there have been no long-term effects. I am probably far less likely to spread it than those who are only artificially immunized by being vaccinated.  

Besides that, vaccinated people can get and give covid just as easily as “un-vaxed” people.

The so-called “Vaccines” don’t stop transmission, illness, severe illness, or death. In fact, it’s highly likely they contribute to the death rate.

If I am required to have a negative test, then so should every one of the other guests be made to do this.  This is only fair. They are more likely to have Covid than I am.

Yes, I could just follow the rules, but if I do that it would be going back on my most deeply held beliefs. Individual liberty, freedom to move about, freedom to choose what I put in my body, and privacy of my medical records are more important to me than “fitting in”.?
The idea that I must show my “papers” in order to attend a social event of a club of which I am a member and my dues paid is anathema to me.

PAPERS!!! No, I do not have to show my “papers”. And I will not.

The other night I had a cocktail party for 30 guests at my house. There were no masks, no papers, no requirements to “be vaccinated”. Some of my guests are members along with me, of (anon org/club). They came and drank my wine and whiskey and ate my food and seemed to enjoy themselves. No one asked to see anyones’ papers.

It is so sad to see what is happening to this country. My heart is breaking. Am I really the ONLY ONE?

“The risks are as grave as they come. Unless a few brave and courageous people are willing to stand up and say “I don’t agree!” history suggests that we will end up somewhere we deeply regret. A quote from this podcast:.
“We’re on a dark path. One that historically has lead to human misery and mass atrocities. Eventually, all totalitarian systems end in their own destruction.”

If only I could convince my frightened friends of how much of what they think is true is just NOT. I NEVER thought I would see this in our great United States. I have always been so proud of my country and the good things it has done. It is horrid to see it become the USSA. The bad guy. The corrupt state.

Some of us stopped listening. Save yourself! Turn off your television as a first step to taking back your freedom. Don’t wait to find out “How Bad Can It Get?”

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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