Mass Formation, how did we get here?

Mass Formation, how did we get here?

It is the lockdowns, the high anxiety, the clot shot, and general despair!!! It is shocking but it is no mystery! You can blame Fauci most of all because he is the lone spokesman for much of this. However, the American people put up with it and have not stood up for their rights or freedom. There is no one to blame but ourselves! Learn about Mass Formation. Is that what you want to be a part of?

I vaccinated my kids… but things have changed. The world has changed. The vaccine schedule has changed. Now children receive up to 73 different shots between infancy and 18 years of age. This is about 70 more than I got when I was young.
One of the best books about this subject is Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci. A lifelong Democrat, Kennedy proves that this is NOT a political issue even though some people attempt to make it one. After all the vaccine was rushed to market by Donald Trump, not the democrats. Yet somehow it is the republicans who are shunning the shots according to the press. Someone to whom I referred the book told me that Robert Kennedy was considered “sort of a nut”.

Robert Kennedy is considered “sort of a nut” by the people he is exposing as crooks and charlatans!
Please read the book for yourself. And THEN DECIDE.

If the virus were as deadly as you believe it is then you would be on much more solid ground with your ideas of “saving humanity”.
The reason I am so opposed to jumping on this bandwagon that is going over a cliff is because it’s all a big lie. The real facts about the numbers of dead from the virus are way fewer than you are led to believe. It is impossible to know the true numbers because there is so much prejudice among those reporting them. There is the question of how many died in Italy WITH covid, vs FROM covid. And there may be truth to the story that the number was way overblown. I have read many conflicting articles about this. I do not know what is true. But clearly, there is a debate about it.

The numbers of the dead for the first year of Covid were simply made up. World wide. The flu and common cold disappeared.
I have written before about my grandmother dying in the flu epidemic of 1918 so I started to watch the numbers and research previous cases of flu over the last couple of centuries. In the first couple of weeks, we were being shown videos of people falling over in the streets DEAD( in China). These were later proven false. However, almost no press reported the falsehood. It is amazing how reluctant the press is to admit to an error.
Right away it was shown that unlike the Spanish Flu this Illness did not seem to take anyone who was not at least over 65 years old. The young children were not affected. Adults only very rarely caught it. Only those that were already very sick with several co-morbidities got seriously ill or died.
Of course, there were some really deplorable acts such as putting sick people returning from the hospital into nursing homes full of vulnerable people

Watching this numbers game made me suspicious. None of it was proof of the virus killing large numbers of people, because a large number of people die anyway, every year. If someone puts the numbers on TV several times a day it is frightening no matter what the cause of death. After all, 600,000 people die each year of heart disease and almost another 600,000 from cancer.
They do not put this information on TV day after day at every hour of the day and night. It does NOT lead every news story. But it is a fact.

What you need to understand is that the numbers meant to terrify us all were often just regular numbers. They were numbers we don’t normally see or think about.
In the first year, most people who died of Covid were old – OLD AND SICK -We need to be able to discuss facts without accusing each other of lacking empathy.
People were scared of what they believed to be an UN-treatable death virus. They believed that if they caught it they should expect to die. So at least some of them did just that. They died because they believed they would. The power of suggestion is real.
“To die, sometimes you need only believe you are ill, and as David Robson discovers, we can unwittingly ‘catch’ such fears, often with terrifying consequences. Beware the scaremongers. Like a witch doctor’s spell, their words might be spreading modern plagues.” This is a quote from an article from 2015.
By the end of the first year, they had managed to completely brainwash a large segment of the population of first-world countries.

I know you understand that thoughts are things and very powerful ones at that.

The really wicked thing the hospitals did was withhold treatment. They let people die by telling them there was no treatment. If a person tested positive even with symptoms the hospitals and even the doctors would say stay home and isolate yourself until you are having trouble with your breathing. Then go to the hospital and we might be able to save you!
By the way, it is a vascular illness, not a respiratory one. Ventilators killed huge numbers of patients. Many people have trouble breathing due to hundreds (thousands) of tiny blood clots in their lungs!
The awful thing is there are treatments! And they withheld them and they demonized them. They discredited doctors who tried to use them. This is murder. These monsters will have to answer for this in something like the Nuremberg trials in the future.

I know sensible kind doctors who really believe that Ivermectin is dangerous and that Hydroxychloroquine should not be used. That is because many doctors just go by “the protocol” whatever their colleagues do and whatever the hospital demands. They are mostly very UN-curious about anything outside the box. Are they trained to think this way? It is something I have noticed about doctors ever since I had my first baby at the age of 20. They want to fix things but they have certain rules that they have been told were true. They are actually incapable of acting independently.

Please check the website of Americas Frontline Doctors. And another one to visit is The Great Barrington Declaration.
I have spoken to many people who will not read Robert Kennedy’s book. These people don’t bother to open the book, because they have been told he is wrong. What? If I tell you the sky is green, not blue, will you believe me or your own eyes?
If something is off-limits, not allowed to be read, are you the sort of person who likes to see for yourself? “Let me decide if I think it is wrong!!!”
Besides, don’t you think it is strange that these same doctors and scientists who were once respected and awarded prizes are suddenly shunned? There are an awful lot of them. Thousands of doctors signed the Great Barrington Declaration.
You might be surprised if you listen to them, to find that they are not crazy and not wrong either.

Is Fauci an evil man? He is responsible for so many thousands of deaths because of vilifying early treatment. Those who do not call him out on it are allowing it to continue. The information about him is out there but many refuse to look. Why don’t you want to know?
Do you think it might change your mind? Aren’t you even a little bit curious?

Now we have vaccine passports. Passes. Papers. We are asked to show these papers in order to enter restaurants and sporting events and shows of every type. This was done in Nazi Germany in the 30s.
Do you believe people who disagree with you should be put in re-education camps? Do you think that is a conspiracy theory? Do you know that there is a bill in Washington State to do just that? Do you have any idea of the historical reference here?
This is actually happening in New York and a few other cities now. It is supposed to be implemented on Saturday, January 15th in Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America. Will you allow this to happen? Will you comply?

Do you believe you have a right to tell others how to live their lives? Yes, you have been programmed to believe your freedom is selfish.
It seems like a threat to your serenity to look further into this. You shy away from actually following it to its logical conclusion. You are condoning an under-class of humans, whom you agree to segregate and exclude from participating in normal life.

When you learn about how badly you have been deceived, you may relent on some of your “righteous, virtue signaling” views.
Until you are extremely well versed in all the information on both sides you should delay any irreversible decisions.
There is a deeper agenda here.
It is not about the virus.

Copyright©. 2022 Bonnie B. Matheson

One thought on “Mass Formation, how did we get here?

  1. Bonnie,
    I’ve had 2 shots and a booster but
    I’ve become increasingly troubled
    by the reports and stories of adverse reactions and the experimental nature of the vaccine.
    These concerns led me to read the Great Barrington Declaration. It was short, common sense science, easy to understand and written and signed by numerous credentialed doctors and scientists.
    I recommend your readers read it and make up their own minds.
    I did and decided no more boosters.

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